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  1. diymummy

    Anyone with kids in full-day child care and also hire maid?

    Just like to ask what your maid does at home when no one is at home. Which country is your maid from?
  2. diymummy

    iPhone-Free Vtech Read-along - What's that noise?

    I like this read-along compared to other free types that I have downloaded. The words don't scroll and words are being highlighted as they are read. And the book is slightly animated so it's really fun to read.
  3. diymummy

    iPhone-Paid iWriteWords - $2.99

    My son is learning how to write is abc and 123 with this app. It's really fun. My son enjoys it alot!
  4. diymummy

    Translucent Crystal Prawns

    Hi all, I'd just like to ask if anyone knows how to prepare prawns in such a way that they are crunchy and somewhat translucent, like the prawns we eat at dim sum places. I have heard of a few methods: 1) Sprinkle with salt and stand for 1 min then rinse away the salt under cold running water...
  5. diymummy

    Article: Supply issues during breastfeeding

    You can view the page at
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    Article: All about cheeses for your toddler

    You can view the page at
  7. diymummy

    Mum, you could be paid $23k a month

    Was talking to a friend and was reminded of this article which I read in the Sunday Times a few yrs ago. Managed to find it and decided to paste it here. Have fun reading. :) SAHMs, you're worth much more than you think. ;) =========================================== May 11, 2008 Mum...
  8. diymummy

    Parenting a special needs child workshop

    Hi all, just came across this flyer. Not sure if it will help anyone but here it is if you're interested to attend it. :)
  9. diymummy

    Any specialist to recommend for ear?

    Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of my friend who just gave birth. Her son has ear that may need some medical attention. Would appreciate if any one of you can recommend a specialist who can help her. Thanks.
  10. diymummy

    How many hrs of uninterrupted sleep do you get a day?

    I'm interested to find out. :p My colleagues and my mum says that I don't have enough sleep that's why I fall sick often. I've tried all remedies I know of for sorethroats and coughs but still I get it. I do Vit C slow release pills, drink barley & chrysanthemum, drink honey lemon, drink...
  11. diymummy

    What can I cook with Sesame paste?

    I got a bottle of Sesame paste as a gift. What can I cook this with?
  12. diymummy

    Any comments on Pediasure or Progress FM?

    My kid's on the small side. PD is getting concerned abt his weight. He's a fussy eater. Just wants to play. He's 15 mths and 7.8kg (used to be 8.3kg but lost weight due to illness). PD recommended Pediasure or Progress. Any mummies used the above? Heard Pediasure gives baby more phlegm...
  13. diymummy

    How to thicken cream soups?

    Hi all, I like to make cream soups, like cream of chicken and cream of mushroom and the likes of it... But I have a problem with thickening the soups. I tried using flour.. I would mix the flour in cold water first then pour into soup but the flour becomes lumps? I also tried mixing it in...
  14. diymummy

    How to remove wind from baby (13 mths)??

    Hi mummies, I noticed recently that my son's tummy is really bloated. He has also seemed to stop burping even though we try to pat his back. We also tried rubbing Ru Yi oil on his tummy but it doesn't seem to work. I think the bloated tummy is affecting his appetite greatly as well as his...
  15. diymummy

    How much fluids a day for 1 yo?

    Hi mummies, just want to check with you how much fluids are you feeding your 1 yo in a day? I've read that 1 yos should be drinking 16-24 oz of milk a day, which translates to 455ml to 680ml a day. I've also read that some mummies just feed 16 oz (455ml) of milk and the rest of the fluid...
  16. diymummy

    What is the menu like for your 12-18mth baby?

    Hi all, My baby is now 13mths. For newborn to 1 year, figuring out his menu was still managable because milk is still supposed to be his "main intake". Now he is over a year, I'm quite at a loss of what I'm supposed to feed him. He also doesn't know how to chew... Can you share what is your...
  17. diymummy

    How to clear phlegm?

    My baby is having a fever again. He is super congested with phlegm. I've seen a PD and he has prescribed some meds. I'm wondering if there's any other way to help baby clear off phlegm?
  18. diymummy

    Where to buy jarred baby food other than Gerber and Heinz?

    Going away for a cruise soon. Have tried Heinz big jar food for my baby but some my baby is allergic to ingredients inside. So wondering where I can get other brands? Gerber and Healthy Times are purees and don't have any rice or other grains in them. Wonder what other brands out there have...
  19. diymummy

    Too long get cut off in IE7?

    Hi Admin, Noticed a problem lately. If you look at the attached pictures, once the page counters exceed the "page" it doesn't show. It should show the darker purple arrow button for me to navigate to the last page. I didn't have this problem when I was on IE6... I recently upgraded to IE7...
  20. diymummy

    When did you stop...

    (1) ... Using baby laundry soap powder to wash baby's clothing? (2) ... Sterilising baby's bottles? (3) ... Using baby dishwashing detergent to wash baby bottles and utensils? (4) ... Using baby bath? I'm still doing all the above. My baby's approaching 1.