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    WTS : Car Seat + Booster Seat just $50

    Hi there, I would like to sell my car seat which my daughter has been using since 3 years old. She just turned 7, a little tall to fit in the seat. This seat is 3 years old to be honest but it is in very good condition. We only use it once a week when we go out. If you take out the back...
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    Wts: IPHONE 4

    Hi there, i upgraded to Samsung so wanted to sell my iPhone. I still have the box and USB for battery charger. trade in value is $200 so I'm selling $180. Working condition, I probably used it for 1.5 to 2 years.. Self collect at woodlands or Robinson road. Email me at
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    Madela Breast pump - Pump in style - $80/-

    email me at if you are interested My most reliable and important 'asset' when my daughter was being breastfed. I pumped at 14 months. Bought this in the states and the adaptor is a brand new one to include. Thanks.
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    Graco Lite Stroller at $50/-

    Email me at for any interested buyers. Pick up at either Tg Pagar or Woodlands Selling at $50/- Used this for fetching my daughter to injections when she was young. it sits in my car boot most of the time so im selling it away. I maintain it very well. the maid used to wipe...
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    multi Vitamins - recommend?

    hi there anyone can recommend me good one? liquid I can mix n drink. dun wan orange favour.. maybe apple? I just can't find out n d market.. thanks!
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    Children recipies Blog to share..?

    Hi there, I am looking for healthy children recipes blogs. Lunch boxes for children. Can share with me their links? I am hopeless when come searching blog engines. Thanks.
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    List of centres closed for HFM

    Hi there, where in the gov web site i can find a list of the centres that are closed due to HFM outbreak? thanks.
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    any of ur children experience behaviour change after CC?

    hihi, i read d forum but nobody talk about this. i recently send my daughter to childcare, she is coming to 3YO. 1st 2 weeks, she is happy. Suddenly she started to show the sign of resistance to go to CC. she also became angry at home. would cry at the slightest thing. Super demanding. is...
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    Toddler is heaty with mouth ulcer - how?

    hi there, my 3YO toddler. Recently did not drink much water. she bit herself when eating. what do i need to do? see doc?
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    Coping with New School

    Dear Mummies; need your help to share with me the tell tale signs? my girl ; coming to YO recently started school for half day. Her water intake seemed too low causing her to be mildly contispated and heaty. she is not good at holding cup to drink yet. is this stress? wat was ur...
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    Typical CC Routine

    Dear all, are you able to share with me the typical routine of your kids' child care? im trying to compare against mine? Thanks....
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    Milk Intake for 33 months Toddler (going to 3YO)

    Hi there, I am just wondering how much is enough for toddler? My DD's time-table is:- 7am 210ML FM 8.30am breakfast cereal or bread water 10am 210ML FM 1pm Porridge water 4pm 210ML FM 5.30pm Snacks apple juice 7pm Porridge dinner She also started to go to school...
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    hi mummies - ur kids taking this vitC? can share? PD said it is very good
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    Elizabeth Kids Clinic at Paragon

    Anyone been there can give me their reviews??
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    food allergy for toddler

    hi mummies, anyone got any web links to share on food allergies? im well verse when im bb was < 1 yr old. now that she is 30 months, i am not sure what i can cook for her? im exploring to cook some special stuff on weekends. but things like cow's milk? im not sure if it triggers allergy...
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    cleaning lady for woodlands?

    hi, im still looking for cleaning lady to clean my apt on weekend morning. any recommendations?
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    Organix - Cereal stocks in SG. Can anyone help?

    Hi hi, i hv been looking for it from cold storage to jasons to brown rice paradise in tanglin. it is out of stock for so long.... any issues with the quality? does anyone knows where is the stock? my toddler adores it and then i am helpless without it..
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    Hi there, I tried to search for any threads on Vit C but I guess I failed to find out. Mummies with toddler from 2.5yrs old - what vitamin C do u feed ur young one? Does PD recommend? I'm a little concern if I would get the wrong one - with high sugar content. Great if someone can share with...
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    Hi there, anyone can share their experiences with me? If u are using their products also....?
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    Dermalogica facial @ woodlands?

    Hi there, anyone can recommend me? Facial that uses dermalgica products? Not Leonard darke which is pricey for me.. Tnx