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    Anyone been to Pasir Ris Kids Kampong?

    wah... everything much paid individually... that's paid kampung then...
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    How about parttime helper?

    Thanks for the updates! hmm... I don't have space for maid now.. 3 room flat.. parttime help seems like quite ex hor... haiz... no choice got to "tong"... 1st...
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    Does any1 do their confinement themselve??

    hmm.. franky speaking... after gave birth is good to take good rest rather do so much works yourself ya.. I have friend who only have the husbund to help during confinement, washing, bathing baby, cooking etc.. now at 30+ joins pain comes liao... ppl call it "hong sap" becoz washing too much...
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    How about parttime helper?

    I am very tired with 2 kids without any helper.. all along no maids... Is there such helper for household works after 7pm weekdays or weekend day time? Anyone got good recomand? Maybe 1 week min 2 times come to my house, 1 during week days, 1 at weekend... Thank you!
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    CH Koh @ TPY central

    the word "CH KOH" actracted my attention to this thread... Mr Koh was my 1st child gynea, no 1 refer me.. i work novena n go TPY quite often so just try out ... Average, his is cheaper BUT apptment after work is damm difficult to book. If ur appt is after 7pm, you need to wait min 2 hrs. But...
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    May 2006 Mummy

    oh... BARNEY:tlaugh:!!! she like barney... only family members celebration for her because I am on work standby this Sat:nah:... How abt urs?
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    What brand of working shoes suits you?

    I like Everbest full cover shoes for office (too cold to wear open toes):embarrassed:, the previous pair was from Bata, flat type.
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    May 2006 Mummy

    hi, ya.. the T2 horn is erubbing... :embarrassed: my girl start childcare since 1st Mar this yr. Don't good or bad she getting sick more often... still coughing until now under med & close monitoring to prevent become ashma. For learning wise she seems to knows quite alots and can...
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    IT VS Non-IT

    Hi there, IT getting common in our day to day life. Without IT, we won't be talking over forum(s) and get to know each other that FAST. I am in IT line, quite tiring sometimes. Thus, thinking of change to non IT, what do you think?
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    Babies below 10mths old

    maybe cereal for abt 1-2mths, or in between you can introduce fine porridge.
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    How do you cook your porridge for infants?

    so early can take egg meh? I thot below 1 yo not suppose to give egg. esp egg white might cause allergy... that's happen to my girl when she below 1 yo. whole face & body swollen with hives...
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    eyebags / dark circle.

    Hi there, I bought 1 tube each of Overnite Repair & Daily Defence of the brand called Kawaii Japan from John Little sales at Plaze Singapura last week. It seems to work quite well for my long time problems.
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    Scary but funny...

    Another one.. PS: BEWARE of Duck/Goose/Birds... 很æ￾žç¬‘滴動物們å￾￾æ’²!! - boys0627Video List
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    Scary but funny...

    Poot thign people who being scared but funny to people who watching the video like me ... :001_302::tlaugh: 被嚇到的人都蠻好笑滴 - boys0627Video List
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    Amazing Kids..

    Just happen to saw from internet, find them really amazing:elvis::elvis::elvis:... Enjoy viewing the video clips... 還包著尿布吃著奶嘴就會打鼓了: Incredible 7 years old boy...
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    Cleansing oil/lotion

    Hi Cyn, FLP website nothing much to see... Forever Living - Purchase Products Another cleansing oil that I am using >> Melaleuca Product Store So far, very satisfy with this melaleuca cleansing oil.
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    How many ways to cook with 'egg' ?

    heheee.. i like egg mayo...
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    Xangosteen Juice

    so many things inside arh!? Where got sell?
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    lean Pork - how many ways to cook it?

    ahhaaaa... lean pork, i use it to stir fry with 2-3 type of mix vegs like, small corns, sweet bean, brocoli, coliflower, fresh mushroom. Or mince it to steam/fried with egg (you can add some small tomata cutes/smash waterchasnuts/"tong chai", onion or any veg u like). Lean pork also can be...
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    Dragon Fruit

    oh... i like the red-purple 1. Lucky my son now also like it..heheee You can use it to do fruit blend with orange or plain yagurt.. it is nice! My mum use the red-purple 1 to make the DIY fruit vinegar a few weeks ago. To be tasted in another 1-2 weeks. Get back to you all once tasted it...