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  1. cendrine

    How do you dry your hair and not damage it?

    How do you dry your hair ? 1) Blow dry 2) Towel dry 3) Fan dry or doing nothing ?
  2. cendrine

    Your ideal size, what's your definition ?

    What is ideal size to you ? 1) So long can fit into S ? 2) The 'skinnier' reflection of yourself when looking into the mirror ? 3) Can fit into size 23-24 jeans ? 4) So long you have an acceptable BMI ? Or others?
  3. cendrine

    Women vs Men boss

    Between the two, who do you prefer working for ? Why ? Do share your views with us.
  4. cendrine

    How do you buy your shoes?

    Do you buy it because it looks nice? or Do you buy it because it is comfy?
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    thanks, :shyxxx:
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    Do u have a habit of wearing pyjamas and socks while sleeping??

    pyjamas no. but socks heard it's good to wear socks to sleep. :001_302:
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    Happy 5th Birthday to Ming Wei Skye =D

    Happy Belated Birthday to Skye.
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    Hello other mummies!

    welcome. Enjoy yr stay here.
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    Welcome. Enjoy yr stay here.
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    Welcome. Enjoy your stay here.
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    Hi...I'm New Here

    welcome. Enjoy your stay here.
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    Head of the house

    there's no such thg in our family...mcp doesnt rule la...
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    Do you use cold or warm water to wash your face ?

    Do you use cold or warm water to wash your face ?
  14. cendrine

    Any $2 good yummy food to recommend?

    Nowadays, having a $2 dollar meal is like very difficult to find, especially when it is $2 good and yummy even more harder. Anyone knows where to find a good $2 value meal? :D
  15. cendrine

    How many desktops/notebooks do you have in your home?

    Hi mummies/ daddies, I guessed it's a norm to have more than 1 computer system at home. Care to share how many computers do you have at home ?