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  1. Pwiincess

    gynaes clinic in bedok delivers in tmc or mt alv

    Hi mummies, any gynaes in bedok whom delivers at tmc/mt alv to recommend? Please advice! Thanks in adv.
  2. Pwiincess

    IUD placement

    Hi, any mummies here did IUD placement? Did u all bleed after that? How long did it last and how heavy was it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Pwiincess

    gender predictor chart

    Just curious. How many of us here look up for gender predictor chart? And how many of us here believe in gender predictor kit?
  4. Pwiincess

    high fever @ 40'c and above.

    Dear mummies, my 4yo girl is having a fever attack. Seen doctor. Given brufen and dhamol. Had been giving both as doc's instruction but the fever is not coming down. Also kept sponging her le. Feel so heartache. Not sure if sending her to hospital, will they give injection to bring the...
  5. Pwiincess

    Bleeding but confirmed pregnancy after which

    Hi anyone occurred some thing like that? Bleeding (which thought was the usual menstruation), then totally nothing came the next few days. Bought the kit to test and was positive?
  6. Pwiincess

    Bond with Babies.

    I started wrking 6 wks after delivery, leaving my dear son to the caretaker. I'm worried that once baby gets used to e scent n voice of the caretaker, he wont b close to me anymore. This was what happened when i had my elder girl. She was left in mother in law's care when i returned to work...
  7. Pwiincess

    H1N1 Vaccination.

    According to the news, the Goverment introduced two H1N1 jabs for children up to ten years old. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Any mummies intend to bring your babies for the jab? Why? Where do you go to? Let's compare the prices between hospitals, polyclinics and private clinics.
  8. Pwiincess

    going back to work?

    Any SAHMs going back to work? What are the problems you faced?
  9. Pwiincess

    twins & triplets

    Hi Mummies, Anyone here has twins or even triplets? I'm curious. How do you handle your newborns? What happens if all of them cry at the same time? How do you manage their feeds? It must be real tedious!
  10. Pwiincess

    air con or fan?

    Hi Mummies, Where do your newborn babies sleep? With air-con or with fan?
  11. Pwiincess

    Newborn baby behaving like an owl.

    babyboy is almost 1mth old. He sleeps soundly in the day. At times, waking up for milk only after 5hrs! But when it comes to night, he is wide awake! Tried to coax, pat & cuddle him til his next feed, hoping he would fall asleep back. But he's awake in less than an hr! Increased his milk so that...
  12. Pwiincess


    when is it appropiate and safe for babies to sleep in a sarong? Right after 1st month? I personally feel that newborns are too fragile and soft to sleep in one. Pls advice and drop ur views and experiences. Thanks!!
  13. Pwiincess

    discomforts during 2nd tri

    hi mummies! As per title, let's share the discomforts we face at this stage. Hopefully we can learn from each other how to ease these discomforts.
  14. Pwiincess

    Baby Hair

    Any suggestions for what to take during pregnancy for babies to have thick hair? My no.1 has very little hair! But I suspect it's in the genes, bcos my mother's and mine is very thin and little. Expecting my no.2 now and wondering if there is any food intake that helps to have thick hair! =)
  15. Pwiincess

    Any Good Gyane to recommend from TMC at Jurong?

    Hi, currently in my 3rd month, going to 4th month soon. I wish to deliver my no,2 at YMC this time. Hopefully there is a clinic at Jurong. Any to recommend? TIA!
  16. Pwiincess


    When is it safe to give babies seafood? Like crabs & prawns? I gave my girl fish since young, she is now 14mths. Not sure is it safe to give her prawns and crabs when we eat out. Thanks in advanced!
  17. Pwiincess

    EDD in November 2009

    Hi Mummies! I'm expecting my no.2 & will be arriving in November 2009. I have one DD now, she is 13months. Any one expecting in Nov 09 too?
  18. Pwiincess

    working mums after MTL

    Hi working mummies! Just sharing here.. Any of you don't feel like returning to work after your maternity leaves? I did! And luckily, I went back to work after 8wks, my the other 4 wks was used properly. Because when I wake up every morning, I don't bear to leave my lil babygirl. So I used the...
  19. Pwiincess

    Baby Keida was born on leap day! =D

    Haven't been visiting since my lil princess' arrival! Now that I'm here, let me announce it to all! Haha. Baby Keida was born on the 29th February 2008. A LEAP YEAR BABY! She's apprx 3weeks early. -.- :001_302:
  20. Pwiincess

    Maternity Leave.

    I will be eligible to apply for my maternity leave. We have 3 months of that, in the law of MOM, right? My EDD is in Mid-March 2008. So when should I start taking my Maternity leave? Which date to take is the best to wait for Baby's arrival? Or work til my EDD date? Any advices? Thanks In...