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    Authentic Kate Spade Bag in Red

    Hello, Selling preloved authentic Kate Spade bag in red. Used only a few times. Excellent condition. Comes with dustbag. $250. PM me if interested!
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    Recommendations for Baby Carriers

    As per topic.My girl is a year old now, about 9.5kg.
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    H1N1 Vaccination

    Hi Mummies, Anyone vaccinated their babies against H1N1? Or planning to? Am thinking of it, but the vaccine is so new! I'm worried about possible side effects, especially for infants.
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    Baby Hates Pram!!!

    Help! My DD hates the pram! The moment I place her in it, she starts yelling and screaming and struggling. She is 8kg now and getting too heavy for me to carry! Any suggestions/advice??? BTW, she hates the sling too.
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    My Baby Hates Water!

    My DD is 6 mths now and I've started introducing semi-solids. At the same time, I've been giving her some water. BUT, she hates water! She would just suck a bit and start playing with the teat/start crying. Any advice???
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    Descaling Pigeon Rapid Steam Steriliser

    How do you Mummies descale your Pigeon steam steriliser? I read the instructions to use vinegar+water. I've not tried it before though. Anyone did? And was there a strong vinegar smell afterwards?
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    Anyone using Pigeon teats?

    Dear Mummies, Are any of you bottle-feeding your babies using Pigeon teats? My dear daughter was using S size but her feeding time has been really long lately so I switched her teat to Ysize (non-drip). With the Ysize teat, she finishes her milk in about 10mins. The problem is, I notice that...
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    What does 'sleeping through the night' REALLY mean?

    Dear Mummies, My baby is almost 3 months' old now. About a month back, she started falling asleep between 7pm-8pm all the way till about 1am-2am before waking up. Sometimes, she can sleep till 4am-5am but rarely. I read that the medical definition of 'sleeping through the night' is 5 hours...
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    How do you tell if your baby is ready for a teat with a larger hole?

    As above. I'm currently using Pigeon's Peristaltic Teat (S size). Baby is 2 months plus and am thinking of using M size but am not sure whether she is ready. Any way to tell? Or do I just have to try it out on her?
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    How do you tell if your baby is hungry at night?

    Dear Mummies, When your baby wakes up at night, how do you tell if he/she is hungry and not just seeking comfort or "help" in getting back to sleep??
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    Anyone with a High Need Baby?

    Hi all, Does anyone here have a high need baby? And I mean an extremely high need baby. I realise that almost all babies are "high need" in their own ways but I'm referring to babies who are on the extreme end. My baby is about 7 weeks' old and she is extracting every ounce of energy from me...
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    Anyone giving NAN HA1?

    Hi all, My baby is on NAN HA1 and her poop is dark green. Is this colour normal??? She poops about 1-2 times a day. Anyone else's bb on NAN?
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    Any New Mummy NOT Breastfeeding

    Hi all, Are there any new mummies who are NOT breastfeeding and are giving their babies formula? Do you feel guilty? Do others judge you? If yes, how do you cope? I was breastfeeding my DD for two weeks but due to various issues (baby keeps falling asleep at my breast after a few minutes of...
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    Desperate! Anyone using a pacifier??

    My DD is only 10 days old but I'm already thinking of using a pacifier, even though many people have advised me against it. The reason why I'm thinking of doing it is she can't fall asleep without suckling at my breast. And when I place her back on the cot, she would wake up and start crying...
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    Any MTB with Group B Strep (GBS)?

    Hi all Mummies & MTBs, My OBS took a vaginal swab from me recently and it turns out I have GBS. She assured me that as long as antibiotics are fed intravenously into me during labour, my baby will be fine. However, after reading up on GBS, I'm terrified! The possible effects on a newborn are...
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    How to cook rice which is just right??

    Hi all, I can't seem to cook rice right. It tends to be too wet or too dry. Any tips???
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    Chinese New Year Goodies

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for yummy Chinese New Year goodies! Any suggestions???
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    Unpleasant Aftertaste After Eating

    Hi all, Since the start of my 2nd trimester, I've experienced an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth after eating. It's a bit metallic and a bit sourish. This aftertaste is worse after I eat sweet stuff. I don't get this taste while eating; it occurs after eating. Have any of you experienced...
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    April 09 MTBs!

    Hi all, I'm expecting my first baby in early April this year. Am already experiencing nightmares about labour... Looking forward to chatting with other April 09 MTBs! :Dancing_tongue: