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    looking for a speech therapist (individual session)

    Hi mummies, I'm looking for a speech therapist (individual session) for my 3yr & 7mnths old who has speech delay & articulation problem. He can speak but sometimes not clear enough and he also have difficulty to relate day activity. Other than this 2 problem, his behavious all is normal. he do...
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    pls advise full day CCC with a good kindergarten curriculum

    hi mommy, my son going to take class from N2., i am looking for a full day CCC with a good kindergarten curriculum that prepares my kid for P1. can someone advise which one better? learning vision or sparkletot or my first school?
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    Undescended testicles

    we went to paediatric on last year, he diagnose my DS (tat time still 18months) having the Undescended testicles(the balls not goes down to the sac) and referer us to KK hospital surgeon to check further more, and if needed must go for operation. tat time my DS still cannot talk and i feel sad...
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    kumon for 3yrs kids too early ?

    i am planning to send my boy next yrs to kumon. is that too early for 3yrs kids? Anyone send their 3yo kid for their mathematics / english..... comments pls and thanks in advance. :)
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    House Warming a must ?

    Hi All ... need yr advise. I am moved into a new house 8months ago and quite lousy to arrange house warming party. :shyxxx: some of my friend said it must to have house warming party, because party will make a noise... emmm for what purpose, she cannot tell me, she just saying that is a...
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    Prolacta with DHA for baby

    Hi mommys, is anyone know where to get this supplement "Prolacta with DHA for baby" ? thanks in advance... :)
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    what need to prepare for Child care

    Hi Mommies need yr advise, My boy next month will start his full day in child care center. As this my first time putting kids into child center, what should i prepare ? kinda worries :embarrassed: Daily what should i prepare for him? how about breakfast and food? how many diapers should...
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    my First Skool

    Hi there, anyone of you put your child in NTUC childcare ( ? is it Good? Do they have play group or just childcare? may i know how much the fee? Compared with learning vision, which one better? thanks in advance. :)
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    how to start toilet training?

    dear moms, Need yr advise, my DS is almost 10 mnth, but he can't make a cake without his diapers.... i admit i had late to give him toilet training, and just recently tried to put him sit in the toilet. but he can't sit more than 2 minutes, he will start cranky and dont want to make a cake...
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    how to weaning with love?

    dear moms, kindly advise me, how to weaning with love my dear son almost 10mnth old from BF ? currently my dear son during the daytime can drink from bottle but the problem only night when i want to make him sleep. everynight to make him sleep i have to let him suckle me just for his comfort...
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    need advise how to handle the trip with FULL BF baby

    hi mommys&daddys, need yr advise :) i will be home for CNY and my 4mnth baby is full BF. so how to handle 5hours trip by airplane? any moms have experience taking long trip with full BF baby? pls share. how many EBM need to bring along? and how long it can stand during waiting for...
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    Dr. Theresa Cheng at Theresa Women's Clinic Ang mo kio

    Anyone had Dr. Theresa Cheng as gynae before? Any comments about her?
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    need advise, Backpain is normal?

    Dear all mummy, I'm currently abt 6weeks preggie (from last menses) and i have lower back pain start from week5. My gyn said its hormon changes, and she said to take panadol but dont apply medical oil. but if i take panadol everyday one tablet, my mom said do not take panadol so often... but...
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    Hello All

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum and currently 6week preggy for my 1st baby... hope to be able to get information from your mummies out there. :Dancing_wub: