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  1. Ottermum

    Did you???

    Pine garden's cakes are nice...very very delicious...oh dear i'm hungry now thinking of their cakes...Lychee Martini is fantastic!:Dancing_wub:
  2. Ottermum

    Misbehaved children?

    I think it's good to let your sis're so close to her all the more you should let her know that the way her son's behaving is making you uncomfortable... ask her does her son gets bullied by his cousins? tell her her son's treating your son like enemy....does he like playing with...
  3. Ottermum

    Is it normal for a father to scream at the baby?

    actually it depends...if it happens everyday then something has gone terribly wrong with this terms of his sanity...he cannot handle kids esp crying ones... if it only happens once in a blue moon then it's understandable...maybe the father's had a long hard day, feeling stressed n...
  4. Ottermum

    do u let yr baby watch tv?

    Oh son also watches TV everyday... he's also only interested in the beginning n end of every show...n the commercials... sometimes i switched to Ch 34 just to distract he likes to fiddle with things other than his toys in the living room...n when i need to do my chores...
  5. Ottermum

    Baby look

    ya ya i agree! now i also look like my hubby...uglier!!! anyway my son's look is a mixture of me n hub...sometimes he looks like me but most of the time he looks like hub :tlaugh:
  6. Ottermum

    what is the sign of pregnancy ?

    when i was 1 week preggy i was feeling tired the whole day...not hungry but tired....just wanna sleeeeep....
  7. Ottermum

    Sudden Lost of Income

    yup i totally agree! why does the Government encourage us to have babies but doesn't help much when we are jobless??
  8. Ottermum

    swollen feet during pregnancy

    yup it's common don't happens to most preggy ladies... do you know? once the feet swell n stop, swell n stop, swell the third time it means your baby's coming out!! quite happened to me last time :001_302:
  9. Ottermum

    Full Mth Celebration/Baby Shower - Preparation/Resources/Planning/Venue

    Re: Good Buffet To Recomand Well from these 7 caterers you can go check out their pricings and food selections/varieties...and choose the one that you like most :tlaugh:
  10. Ottermum

    Do you spank? Disciplining Toddler

    I've already started spanking my boy when he's around 8 months old!! I'm not an abusive mum but i admit i lack patience too...super hate it when he throws tantrums and screams at top of his lungs! But i don't spank him when we're out...he seems to sense that and is even more atrocious when...
  11. Ottermum

    Full Mth Celebration/Baby Shower - Preparation/Resources/Planning/Venue

    Re: Good Buffet To Recomand I had Neo Garden during my son's full not bad but portion is pathetic...we had to send my brother go buy some food outside...quite embarrassing...:shyxxx: my sister in law ordered from 美好99... food is delicious i couldn't stop eating! their dessert...
  12. Ottermum

    A secret of mine

    I also got molested by my cousin (my eldest uncle's son) too...think he was about 13 n i was just 2 or 3... my mum caught him caressing my private part....she was so mad!!! think she didn't report him (cos she's a timid woman by nature and my dad's side of relatives look down on her) but she...
  13. Ottermum

    Skybridge at Pinnacle@Duxton opens for non-residents... but pay $5!

    hey i've been up there... nope i didn't pay $$$ my friend brought me up...he's bought a unit there... well i must say...really quite good up there wor....the view...breathtaking wor... but come to think of it....must pay $$$ to go up...not really worth it right...
  14. Ottermum

    Help! My 4 year old won't chew

    try giving him cereals like KoKokrunch/Frosties? without milk so that he has no choice but to chew? my boy also swallows his porridge but when i give him Healthy Times Teddy Puffs he has no choice but to chew them as they are crunchier than other baby biscuits... but don't give your boy...
  15. Ottermum

    cry for 3hr in schl any solution?

    oh dear...i'm sending my boy to CC soon... straight when he's turned 18 months old... my nephew was sent to CC when he's 17 months old...n cried for 3 weeks... hope my boy won't break his record...:embarrassed:
  16. Ottermum

    a story to share....

    thanks for sharing the story :red:
  17. Ottermum

    Copycat Mommy friends

    you should rant about her on your blog...let her know how disgusting you think she is... if you've decided to drop her... Ms Garfield...Ms Heathcliff...Ms Tom...Ms Sylvester...Ms 招财猫!!! just reveal that your son's birthday venue will be at Mac donald's!!! :tlaugh:
  18. Ottermum

    Please pray for my girl

    Milan... 加油 n take care~~ hope your gal gets well soon :tlaugh:
  19. Ottermum

    Good Brands of Diapers to recommend

    it's at Chong Pang market...the medicine hall's 2 shops away from OCBC to a bakery i think... i think Huggies Dry Comfort is the best for my boy...he's wearing it for bedtimes...:tlaugh:
  20. Ottermum

    Pain underneath

    i couldnt control my bladder for about 8-9 months... whenever i sneezed or coughed urine gushed scary! gotta kept changing panty liners... now everything's back to don't worry too much :tlaugh: