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  1. yukimaxx

    EDD April 2013..cont

    Hi bonjourbonsoir, I've been having cough too. Guess due to bad weather. I tried drinking honey for a week n still doesn't help. So I went to see gynae. They will know what cough mixture to advise u to take. Drink lots of water n hope u recover soon.
  2. yukimaxx

    WTS: Chicco high chair in great condition

    Selling a preloved Chicco highchair at $120 condition is still very good. sms or whatapp to 9178 3366. Thks.
  3. yukimaxx

    Striking red peg perego pliko for sale at a bargain

    Hi I hv a red peg perego pliko p3 for sale at a much reduced price of $190. It is still in good condition. No stain and tear at the seat. Please SMS me if keen at 91788855. Thanks.
  4. yukimaxx

    Quinny zapp xtra

    Opps sorry. Just saw ur reply that it is sold.
  5. yukimaxx

    Quinny zapp xtra

    Hi ting, is urs the zapp extra with 4 wheels? Is price still negotiable?
  6. yukimaxx

    quinny zapp xtra (pink emily)

    Hi may I know when was it bought? Is it the new model of zapp extra with 4 wheels?
  7. yukimaxx

    After c-sect.

    I think what matters most is your body condition. If you do not feel pain carrying your baby, then it should not be a problem. I carried my baby during 2nd day at the hospital after my c-sect. My MIL didn't mention that I cannot take eggs, however, I was told not to take any seafood for fear...
  8. yukimaxx

    My maid steal. Should I get her replaced?

    I was also guilty of thinking of putting a CCTV to monitor my maid. However, I thought about her privacy being invaded and after all, she is also human. It is really not a good idea and eventually I abolish the idea. I treat mine almost like one of us. She can eat whatever she wants. After all...
  9. yukimaxx

    Throwing out of milk after feeding

    the colic drops is called rid wind. at least i have learned something and can worry less. the milk thrown out is not digested/partially digested milk which means my baby is a happy splitter! thanks mummies
  10. yukimaxx

    Throwing out of milk after feeding

    thanks mummies for the valuable info. what is a reflux? does it mean baby vomit milk that has been swallowed? i realise the milk thrown out looked like milk, so probably it has not been swallowed. could it be she drank too fast and throw out the excess? but she does not throw out immediately...
  11. yukimaxx

    dim sum buffet

    There is a restaurant by Fullerton One which has dim sum buffet. Sorry I do not have the name as my friend informed me she went there and it was quite good. However, I heard they are fully booked till Nov.
  12. yukimaxx

    Throwing out of milk after feeding

    Dear Mommies I wonder if you have experienced this before. My baby gal of 11 weeks has recently thrown out a bit of milk after a feed. After she was fed last night, we tried to carry her and put her to sleep. However, she was crying furiously whenever we put her down. Then I tried to burp her...
  13. yukimaxx

    C-sect w/ Epidural.

    Hi Apple I had c-sect with epidural cos my baby is breech. She was in this position since she was about 26 weeks old and no matter how much I ask her to turn her head down and even went for massage by malay lady, it didn't help. I was shivering throughout the operation. Was told it was one of...
  14. yukimaxx

    Mummies wht kind of diaper bag do u carry ard?

    I am using this german brand - Okiedog. Their design is funky n fashionable! PLus it comes with lifetime warranty. They have several designs for diaper bags. I bought the more ladylike type, similar to a tote bag. You can carry on ur shoulder. I like that it has 2 side pockets to put the flask...
  15. yukimaxx

    Hospital charges for TMC

    Hi I stayed there during early July. I have opted for c-section with epidural and stayed in a single bed ward. My total bill came up to $5k plus, $3500 less from medisave, so paid $2.2k+ in cash. As for the booking of the ward, the nurse from my gynae has helped me to book and there isn't a...
  16. yukimaxx

    Any good Paediatrician to recommend in Bukit Merah ???

    Thanks Mommies for ur recommendation. I should SERIOUSLY consider Dr Koh!
  17. yukimaxx

    air con / fan?

    i was told not to use any fan due to the wind which is not good for our bodies during confinement. i will use the aircon at night.
  18. yukimaxx

    How many piece of clothes a newborn wear a day???

    for standard, it is 2 sets a day. but if she throws out milk, then have to change.