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  1. sufeit0115

    Review on Diamond Water

    Hi, anyone used the Diamond Water Filter system before? What are your reviews? Is it good? How much you paid for it? What are the maintenance cost and how long we have to change the filter? Thanks for sharing :001_302:.
  2. sufeit0115

    Baby keep rubbing his eyes & unable to sleep

    Hi all mummies, My baby is 3 months old. I noticed the part below his eyes had some redness & swelling and he's keep rubbing his eyes. I thought maybe is due to dirty, i have tried to clean his face & eyes with cool boiled water many times and changed all his bedsheet & clothes, however the...
  3. sufeit0115

    2.5 months cannot control his neck

    Hi all mummies, My 2.5 months baby cannot control his neck and without my hand support his neck will swing left/right/front/back uncontrollably. PD at kkh said if my baby still cannot control his neck by 4 months, they would scan his brain. I am so worried. Would like to know roughly at which...
  4. sufeit0115

    No MS, no appetite

    Hi all mummies, I am currently close to 11 weeks pregnant, I had nausea (no vomit) only in the first 7 weeks, then nausea suddenly stopped. But I have no appetitte in food from 4 weeks onwards until now. I want to know whether is it normal? I saw many mummies experienced MS during their 1st...