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  1. Ottermum

    Whose baby's the cutest??

    Hey ladies! whose baby do you think is the cutest (as in posted on the Avatar) other than your own? hmmm...i personally think Chiro n TANZHENZHI...can't decide between them...both babies are cute! not forgetting Autumn82's Iggy...also very cute! what do you think? :tlaugh:
  2. Ottermum

    When do you train your kids eat by themselves?

    Wonder when i have to start training my boy to eat by himself? i also wonder how old were your kids when you let them eat outside food/share your food? Up til now i still have not added salt or Marmite into his food, though my MIL n SIL say can let him eat better tasting food already... oh...
  3. Ottermum

    Which milk after baby turns 1 year old?

    Hi ladies my son's turning 1 year old soon...wonder which follow up milk should i buy for him? he's currently drinking Nan HA 3... would like to ask any mummy whose baby had been drinking NAN since birth n which milk to follow up... Thank you!
  4. Ottermum

    Boy hates the walker!!!

    Help! my boy hates the walker n he doesn't know how to 'walk' when he's on it!!! only knows how to reverse...n keeps crying!!! at my mum's place he sits on his jumperoo though...he's ok with it! so tired gotta keep carrying him! any advices?? :err:
  5. Ottermum

    Buying a high chair, any suggestions??

    Hi all...which brand, type of high chair's good? would appreciate your advices :001_302:
  6. Ottermum

    Shall I wait??

    Hi mummies! Got a problem my DS used to poo green stools once a day, sometimes once every 2 days...he's drinking NAN HA 1... 12 days ago he started having loose dark yellow stools almost after EVERY feed...if not every alternate feed... 6 days ago his PD told me to dilute his milk til the poo...
  7. Ottermum


    oh dear my DH's 15 mths old niece came to our place 2 days ago... sat on DS's rocker, walked around the house etc... this morning we heard she's got HFMD!!! oh dear i'm so worry for DS now... do you guys think he'll get it too?? wah lau...he only 4 mths leh...!!!:wong14:
  8. Ottermum

    what to eat what not to eat list...

    Hi mummies Where can i get this list? heard we gotta avoid egg yolk, honey, citrus etc... gotta get ready to feed DS solids soon... stress liaoz.....:wong7:
  9. Ottermum

    Any flying mothers??

    Can PM me if you're a flying mother? :001_302:
  10. Ottermum


    Hi mummies!! Anyone's used grobag for your bb? It's a wearable sleeping blanket for bbs to wear n sleep at nite so they won't be able to kick their blankets off. Thinking of buying 1 since i'm thinking of stop swaddling my boy... Is it worth buying? Online's selling $60 plus...heard...
  11. Ottermum

    When to stop swaddling baby?

    Hi mummies hope everyone had a great CNY! My boy's 3 months already n I'm still swaddling him if not he can't sleep at night Not sure whether he likes it cos I see him struggling sometimes...but he can only sleep when he's being swaddled...if not whole night you'll see him moving non stop...