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    Fireworks @ Singapore River (aka Clarke Quay area) for CNY 2010??

    hihi, i had previously read from Straits Times tat there would be some fireworks every weekend as well as lion dance performance at the Singapore River (aka Clarke Quay area) from tis weekend onwards... anyone knows more details abt tis, e.g. exact timing, dates etc?? thanks :)
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    Tuition Ctr (Sembawang) - Mind Stretcher?

    hihi, previously i had posted a new thread asking for feedback abt kent ridge tuition ctr but had no response... how abt mind stretcher learning ctr? any mummy's kid has tuition at tis ctr? seems tat their classes are more popular than kent ridge (i.e. at least they seem to hv more students...
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    Tuition Ctr (Sembawang) - Kent Ridge?

    anyone hv sent their kids to tis tuition ctr? are their teachers good? thinking of sending ds1 for english tuition there cos his written english is atrocious, esp comprehension, grammer etc... dh n i tried coaching him but he refused to listen to us... he's the type who oni listens to teachers'...
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    strapless nursing bra

    anyone has recommendation for the above?? or no such thing in the market? reason i'm asking is i'll be attending a wedding dinner n want to wear a nice dress but it's spaghetti strapped, so can't wear the normal nursing bra (i'll be bringing baby along)... but din wan to wear my normal...
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    Baby Bjorn Synergy baby carrier

    anyone mummies here bought the above? is it useful? heard tt it's quite good n not hot to use for baby... thinking whether to get one cos ds3 seems very hot (back always perspire) when i use the MIM sling to carry him everyday (need to make 2 trips everyday to fetch his 2 bros to/fro...
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    Daytime confinement lady to recommend?

    hihi looking for a daytime confinement lady to help me in dec 08... dun need a full-time one cos i'll be breastfeeding n dh wld help to look after the baby at nite... anyone has good recommendation? thanks :)
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    LV Neverfull

    any sis here alrdy bought tis bag? which one u bought -- MM, PM or GM? is it good? actually which size is better? so tempted to buy as baby-cum-shopping bag :001_302:
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    has anyone been to macau b4? can recommend any hotel to stay for 2 nites? the newly opened venetian@macau looks wonderful but too expensive for mid nov period (abt S$300+ per suite per nite)... sigh... so now looking for cheaper alternatives... but wld prefer a casino within the hotel as my mil...
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    I'm new!

    hihi i juz joined tdy... hope to learn from the mummies in tis forum n share too :)