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  1. cendrine

    How do you dry your hair and not damage it?

    How do you dry your hair ? 1) Blow dry 2) Towel dry 3) Fan dry or doing nothing ?
  2. cendrine

    Your ideal size, what's your definition ?

    What is ideal size to you ? 1) So long can fit into S ? 2) The 'skinnier' reflection of yourself when looking into the mirror ? 3) Can fit into size 23-24 jeans ? 4) So long you have an acceptable BMI ? Or others?
  3. cendrine

    Women vs Men boss

    Between the two, who do you prefer working for ? Why ? Do share your views with us.
  4. cendrine

    How do you buy your shoes?

    Do you buy it because it looks nice? or Do you buy it because it is comfy?
  5. cendrine

    Do you use cold or warm water to wash your face ?

    Do you use cold or warm water to wash your face ?
  6. cendrine

    Any $2 good yummy food to recommend?

    Nowadays, having a $2 dollar meal is like very difficult to find, especially when it is $2 good and yummy even more harder. Anyone knows where to find a good $2 value meal? :D
  7. cendrine

    How many desktops/notebooks do you have in your home?

    Hi mummies/ daddies, I guessed it's a norm to have more than 1 computer system at home. Care to share how many computers do you have at home ?
  8. cendrine

    Where do you prefer to stay?

    Hi Daddies/ Mummies, Which part of Singapore that you love to stay? If you have a chance getting own house, which location would you choose? For me, I have staying in the east since young. I still prefer east side. :) I like punggol area too... hehe
  9. cendrine

    Who pay for what in the household?

    If both you and DH are working, who pays for what in the household ? How do you manage the finances? Care to share ? :001_302:
  10. cendrine

    Insomnia, anyone ?

    A night of tossing, lack of proper sleep, waking up in the weeee hours of the morning... Ended up hvg an indescribeable frustrating wait despite feeling uber tired...sigh Has anyone been through the similar situation? I think I am having trouble sleeping recently. What will you do if you...
  11. cendrine

    Happy Birthday to Joanne82 (12 Oct)

    Happy Birthday. :)
  12. cendrine

    Sinful Chocolate Pound Cake

    Bake chocolate pound cake in a greased loaf pan at 180C for 45-50 minutes
  13. cendrine

    Daily or Monthly ?

    Between these two types of contact lenses, which is better ? What are the pros and cons? Currently, using monthly disposable types. Wanted to switch to the daily types..
  14. cendrine

    Chen Wei Lian in Happy Sunday

    Listening to his song makes me feel touched. I think he has done Singapore proud, agree ?
  15. cendrine

    Any 'kopi' lovers here ?

    I just started to learnt the different terms for the different types of beverages in our own coffeeshop. :shyxxx: Such as Tak-kiu (Milo), Kopi-O Peng, Tiao-her, Teh-C ..etc For me, I love Kopi Black (w/o sugar)..hehe How many cups of 'kopi' u will/ need to drink each day? Does it have any...
  16. cendrine

    The Peg Puzzles

    I am looking for those nice, peg puzzles. Any place to recommend ? :)
  17. cendrine

    Do u leave on the dot?

    Mummies/ Daddies, Do u leave on the dot? (Say your work is from 9am-6pm, do u leave when e clock strike 6) OR do u stay in the office for some time like till 6.30pm or 7pm (be it voluntarily or involuntarily) b4 leaving?
  18. cendrine

    Oil Blotting Paper

    Does anyone use oil blotting paper ? Which is your favourite brand? :001_302:
  19. cendrine

    What type of water bottle your toddler is using ?

    @ 2 times, I bought the dora explorer and winnie the pooh water bottle, those that comes with a straw. Either they leak and the rubber underneath turns black. Worse, now the two water bottles' cap were spolit. Does anyone has the same experience? Which brand/ type of water bottle you bought...