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    8% Promo Code to be redeemed!

    Tough period for us Singaporean during this Circuit Breaking period! But united as one, we can win this battle together! ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ To help people get affordable quality skincare/cosmetic products during this period, we are giving out 8% discount promo code! Simply key in 《cb8》 upon checking out to...
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    Any good scar healing product for the face

    Acne Scarring is one of the most common problems that most people are facing. :( You can look at some treatment offered by Porcelain. They are quite good. In the meantime, it will be good that you can cream from Coverderm Series, where their Coverderm Camouflage Perfect Face and Coverderm...
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    Any good products to recommend, where to get them?

    It is worth to use SK2 as it is one of the world-renowned brands even if it's pricey, as we only lived once ;) Brand like Lamer is good too. If you want to save some money getting them, maybe you can consider this online marketplace where their skincare collection is discount up to 40%.
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    Which foundation brand can make you looks fairer & more radiant?

    How about Coverderm Camouflage series?
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    Will Laser Remove Permanent Makeup?

    Personally, I think it might make your skin thinner, which makes your skin more sensitive than before. So if you have any scars or tattoos, either you can go for some facial treatments, or just use creams like Coverderm Perfect Face or Coverderm Perfect Leg that protects your skins and conceal...
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    wad Skin care r u using ?

    Both Sk 2 or Lamer are good if you are willing to make the effort to take care of your skin. :D I found this site where you can find a great offer for SK2 and Lamer
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    Nebulizer for cough & phlegm?

    Thanks for sharing!
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    MOE teacher offering effective English Lessons

    Do you mind share with me more on this?
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    Being the other woman

    Strongly Agree
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    2 weeks to Europe, travel with baby, is it ok?

    Yup i have tried before, bring my 10 month old along for a trip.. It was not easy -.-
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    Any recomendation for growth of eye lashes?

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    Guide for our new member

    Hello Everyone! New to the forum :cool: I have a 3 years old boy, still trying to figure out how to use this forum. :D