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  1. ethans mummy

    Where to buy angry bird bday cake??? Pls help...

    Hi mummies, My bb's bday is round the corner in less than 1 wk's time! And i still havnt order his bd cake yet!:shyxxx: He insist of an Angry bird cake! As i know besides Polar cakeshop is selling where else??? Any kind mummies got an idea & pls drop me a line asap! :embarrassed: Thks...
  2. ethans mummy

    Any nail spa in Bedok to recommend? Gd deal & service?

    Dear mummies, Any mummies stayin Bedok lk me? Im finding a Nail salon which offers gd rates & service.. Anyone can recommend me? Iv been to BLK 85 Feng Shan market - Blink Blink Nails Their service are overall good & still charging offer rates wz 2 nail arts dat time! However their tel...
  3. ethans mummy

    RE: How much is the sch fees now for P1? Can textbooks be reused for next yr?

    Hi mummies, My son is attending P1 next year 2012. Im currently qt nervous! I was wondering how much does P1 fees costing now? As during my old days really cost peanuts i guess. :001_302: I know that their Textbooks going cost qt alot nowadays. And how much will it be? If including sch...
  4. ethans mummy

    How to DEAL with my lil Monster??? HELP PLS!!!

    This story happened few days ago at Bedok Centre> A Lil rascal went out wz grandpa but he went his own ways w.o waiting!! Aft 45mins he was found inside a toy shop happily playing a toy telephone!Yes he went missing for 45mins! Both in laws, my sil & myself were all searching for him high &...
  5. ethans mummy

    URGENT PLSS!!!! P/T nanny Needed!!!

    Dear Mummies,Im urgently finding a p/time nanny to pick my son after childcare at 7pm(Mon-Thur) & my dh will fetch ard 8-9pm at nite aft wrk.Preferably staying in St George's Rd OR Bendemeer estate.Any kind mummies able to help OR any relatives staying near us can help???Pls kindly kindly let me...
  6. ethans mummy

    From wet to dry cough now! any mummies gt remedies?

    hai mummies, my ds was having a bad cough til 2day... initially was wz phlegm & now bcums dry ones...we brought him to 2 PD le but dusnt seems to cure it... any mummies got any family remedies dat can share mah? or any tips? TIA~
  7. ethans mummy

    So Fuckin Frustrated & Angry!!!!!!

    Dear Mummies, Im wrkin in Retail Sales line. Today is ardy 05 Mar & yet hvnt received my salary! Not even On Hold Amount!!!! :mmad::bangry::bangry: Any mummies have came across such a fuckup scenario like mi? :bangry: :bangry: :bangry:
  8. ethans mummy

    dear admin! SOS HELP!!!

    dear admin & eddy, Sorry, ethans mummy: Bad Type - File is of the Wrong MIME Type wad happen??? its been several attempts but stil prompts dis msg... PLS HELP!!!!! SOS!!! HAPPY NEW YR!!! GONG XI FA CAI!!! tks & rgds~
  9. ethans mummy

    Help! Eddy papa & Admn!!

    Sorry, ethans mummy: Bad Type - File is of the Wrong MIME Type wad happen??? its been several attempts but stil prompts dis msg... PLS HELP!!!!! SOS!!! HAPPY NEW YR!!! GONG XI FA CAI!!! tks & rgds~
  10. ethans mummy

    E.M.A?! [extra marital affair] how u look at IT???

    pls share ur views, mummies.... 婚外情?
  11. ethans mummy

    Wad brand of eyeliner is good?

    as per topic, pls share! TIA~
  12. ethans mummy

    hi edy!

    hai edy! unable to upload files are JPG..pls help! tks~ Sorry, ethans mummy: Bad Type - File is of the Wrong MIME Type
  13. ethans mummy

    lean Pork - how many ways to cook it?

    dear mummies, any pork recipes can share? i likes to cooked wz thin ginger slices in dark soy sauce & sesame oil...dh & my fav dish! recently oso tried wz asparagus & mini corns in oyster sauce & chinese wine...
  14. ethans mummy

    where to find nice skins/layouts for frdster profile?

    mummies who got frdster... where u find nice & lovely layouts? im usin ~
  15. ethans mummy

    Wad brand of deodorant? roll on or spray?

    mummies, as abv pls share... im using nivea energy fresh & whitening ones.:tlaugh:
  16. ethans mummy

    Where do u download mandarin & english mp3 for ur hp?

    hai mummies, where do u download songs to ur hp fm legal & free webs? Besides BAIDU, any others can share? TIA~ :001_302:
  17. ethans mummy

    Taiwanese Restaurants?

    as above, anytin to share... been to 1 at purvis st (opp parco bugis) owned by a reputated chef - huang qing biao (a taiwanese) . got nice food like 'ru rou fan' (braised mincemeat pour over rice) & others. tried dat 'Lai Lai beef noodle' hse ard e same area but not as nice as previous....
  18. ethans mummy

    Wad Mobile Phone are u using now? any dream model?

    As per topic, pls share... Currently using Sony Ericsson far so good lo....:tlaugh: Hmm...hoping for a PDA de so i can surf anywhere & everywhere! :Dancing_wub:
  19. ethans mummy

    anyone do 去角质?any tips to share?

    hi as per topic pls share... ~ any diy methods? ~ any products can recommend? :tlaugh:
  20. ethans mummy

    LookinG for a Nanny!!!

    All dear kind-hearted mummies & daddies, We are looking for a nannny near our area (st george's rd, bendemeer rd, towner rd, kallang/geylang bahru or upp boon keng rd, Hougang, Serangoon,Macpherson area, Kovan). Cuurently theres 1 nanny dat can help but staying too far away fm us! Pls kindly...