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  1. joeichen

    WTS - Combi pram with car seat

    Hi mummies, I got a combi with compatible car seat to let. Pls email me for pix n contact.
  2. joeichen

    WTS - maclaren xt with buggy board

    Hi mummies, I got a pre-loved maclaren xt with buggy board to sell. Interested pls email me for contract n pix. Tks
  3. joeichen

    Family photo Package

    Hi, got any good recomend for family photo taking package?
  4. joeichen

    Authentic or not???

    Hi, Can someone teach me how to tell if the branded bag is authentic or not? 1. Burberry 2. Chanel 3. Coach Tks!
  5. joeichen

    Toilet Training

    Mummies, when do u start toilet training? and how?
  6. joeichen

    Brown rice tea

    Dear mummies, I recomend brown rice tea instead of red date tea during confinement. Can be brought at NTUC.
  7. joeichen

    Got sack during or after maternity

    Hi mummies, any1 can advise me if company can sack u immediately after maternity leave? If they did, wat r the compansation can we ask?
  8. joeichen


    Hi mummies, How much r u paying for thredfin or cod fish per kg?
  9. joeichen

    Cant BF my boy

    Juz got discharge but down with flu n cough so cant BF my newborn. Any advise???
  10. joeichen

    Cant wait any more!!! Arrival of 2nd prince!!!

    Saturday - Have got slight contraction in the afternoon but still ignore... Sunday - Contraction got a bit more closer, still ignore... went motherhood fair. Monday - Leakage start liao, contraction got worse. C doc morning abt 11.30am, Doc chk n confirmed shld b tomorrow morning so advise admit...
  11. joeichen

    Classes or activites for 2 yrs old

    Any mummies can advise me wat r the good classes or activies for 2 years old? Wat r they suitable to learn at tis age without putting much stress on them.
  12. joeichen

    How to remove the stain??

    My boy draw on my sofa n worst of all my sofa is white!!! Can any1 advise me how to remove pen ink?
  13. joeichen

    Make up Brush

    I'm looking for blusher brush. Any recomend?
  14. joeichen

    Night Safari - 15 th Anniversary Special

    Night Safari - World's First in Singapore Something to share.
  15. joeichen

    Full Month Buffet

    Anyone can recomend me a full month catering service which serve both vegetarian food n normal food?
  16. joeichen

    Exercise to slim down

    Any1 is a member of any fitness ctr? Fitness First, Amore, Califonia Fitness etc....
  17. joeichen


    Any1 can advise me on gd r the slimming products?