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  1. ping26

    Cleaner/cook at Student Care (Marine Parade)

    The Little Grey Matter Student Care is a registered social enterprise offering student care services for primary school students with mild learning difficulties. Salary :$1000 Working hours : 12 - 7 pm Responsibilities - clean the student care - prepare snacks eg fruit - clean up after snack...
  2. ping26

    WTG Cambridge childcare uniform (dress size S)

    I have 3 dresses to give away. self-collect at AMK - free POSTAGE & packaging :$5 pls txt 90885421
  3. ping26

    Green mi-duo scooter for preschooler

    Lightly used Miduo scooter for sale Height of handle (from floor to handle) is 65cm Selling at $10 Self collect at AMK mrt or AMK HUB.
  4. ping26

    student care teacher (Marine Parade) required

    The Little Grey Matter Student Care is a registered social enterprise offering student care services for primary school students with mild learning difficulties. We seek only passionate and energetic educators who want to make a difference in children's learning. Student Care Teacher work...
  5. ping26

    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    I'm so sorry to hear about the hospitalisation. now that he's showing signs of improvement; he prob forgot how to move his limbs. It may not be brain damage. I think physio will be be very important for the next new months while he re-learns movement. if hearing is alright, then he may have just...
  6. ping26

    Any good Maid Agencies to recommend/ Any good Indonesian Maid for transfer?

    hi caroline Maybe you can complain to Ministry of Maids (MOM). This agency should be on their radar. I would send the maid back if I were you. The transfer maids are corrupted at the agency itself. My first transfer maid who looks like an old maid, also had men's underwear & 2 g-strings in her...
  7. ping26

    Any good Maid Agencies to recommend/ Any good Indonesian Maid for transfer?

    Avoid My Maid Station. I took 3 transfer maids from this agency. The Myanmar ones are worst. Both are criminals - thief & beat my child (I didn't know then). The 2nd one was still transferred that very weekend although the agent (LOUIS) promised me that she will undergo "hell-like training"...
  8. ping26

    My maid steal money

    just posted this reply from Min of Maids, The Ministry will only be able to place a foreign domestic worker on an employment ban if she is charged and found guilty of an offence under the Singapore laws. Nonetheless, the Ministry is prepared to inform prospective employers that you have...
  9. ping26

    Employing maid

    Background : my sister's maid posted a boyfriend advertisement on the kitchen window. she also posed in underwear for construction workers across the road to take pix. She emailed the pix to MOM. She then repatriated the maid. just posting reply from "Ministry of Maids", The Ministry will only...
  10. ping26

    My maid steal money

    to me, there's no point in jailing her. unless u can get your money back. i think it's just wasting tax-payers' money - investigation, jail, court time. It doesn't serve as deterrent to other maids cos MOM doesn't want to release stats of crimes committed by maids. my sis reported her maid...
  11. ping26

    My maid steal money

    If u took a pix of her diary pages, email that to MOM to blacklist her.
  12. ping26

    Maid Agency Reviews

    I think she's fairly responsible. I used her services once but maid wasn't suitable cos she couldn't communicate in English with my 2-year-old girl. She was also committed to "train" the maid but English is not something that can be trained quickly. She released me from contract as she didn't...
  13. ping26

    Mandatory weekly rest days for foreign maids

    I think the maids' salary will go up again. Cos it's difficult to save with handphone expenses & extra expenses with 4 off-days per week on a salary of $450/month. I wish MOM will do something for us taxpayers. a) control the quality of maids directly - maids with bad employment history (3...
  14. ping26

    Has anyone considered engaging 'nanny' for their children with special needs?

    A person who is trained in special-needs, will charge a fair bit more than a regular nanny. I used to work as a therapist in special needs. I see parents & maids who take care of kids with different disabilities. A verbal child with Down syndrome is usually considered "high-functioning"...
  15. ping26

    WTG trampoline

    I'm having a moving sale. Many free items, including this trampoline by 31 Jan 2012. Trampoline (Free!) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! It's quite big. It can't go into a std saloon car. time : 29 jan 2012 (sunday) 12-3pm address : 420 north bridge ctr #04-27 email for reservation of free...
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    Employing maid

    Does anyone's burmese maid like to go bra-less? Mine walks ard bra-less in the morning (6-8am) & after the night shower. I got a shock a few times when I went downstairs & found her in tank top only. Have told her to cover up before. Imagine if it was my hub who went down. I think maids just...
  17. ping26

    Employing maid

    I think better dont't hire Myanmar maids. The pace in Myanmar is very slow-> no sense of time/urgency or we are just much much faster than them. They seem to require a lot of sleep. I have 2 Burmese maids in past 5 month - both oversleep regularly although they have worked in SG for 2 years...
  18. ping26

    Employing maid

    I have to get another maid urgently due to theft. I read a few contracts & one contract states that Min of Manpower has the right to transfer the maid to another employer, without valid cause (theft or abuse). This will supersede whatever agreement that WE or the AGENCY have signed with the...
  19. ping26

    Burmese maid for transfer

    Maid has been sent back to Burma for stealing $50 from my bag last week. Disappointing.
  20. ping26

    Maid Agency Fees & Charges

    just go bukit timah shopping centre or katong shopping centre & check. these are maid agency hubs. fees : $288 (lowest). average fees is abt $400-500. Some have credit card installment plans. but avoid great*** on ground floor of bukit timah shopping centre.