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  1. annie

    cloth banner calender

    anyone knows where i can find in sg? its a banner type that can be hung on the wall.. then there are numbers to form dates, jan-dec, monday-sunday, weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy etc) to paste on the main banner with velcro de..something like this n anyone knows where i can get big magnetic...
  2. annie

    What to do when your toddler keeps food in the mouth??

    I have never have this problem till 3 days ago.. my girl started keeping food in her mouth for all her meals! im spending 3.5hr just to feed her 1 meal... so its pratically whole day feeding! i have no time for anything else! She usually swallow her first 2-3 mouth nicely then start her 'stunt'...
  3. annie

    Potty training

    can mummies share 1. at wat age u start potty training your kid and 2. by what age are they totally potty train (except night time)? and 3. what methods do u all use? im thinking of trying to potty train my girl who is 21mths old now... TIA! :001_302:
  4. annie

    When did your toddler drop nap altogether?

    my girl has not been napping for 3 days ( 2 days cos she woke up late at 1130am) and today though she woke up at 930am, she dosent look sleepy and didnt want to nap when i try to make her nap at her usual time.. she look totally awake and energetic! not yawning, not rubbing eyes, no decrease in...
  5. annie

    Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit

    anyone got inaccurate results with this test kit before? i heard many people says its very accurate. just wondering if any mummies got inaccurate readings from it before.. i missed my menses last mth and tested 2 times. got both negative results but menses has yet to come. still waiting...:nah:
  6. annie

    Breatfeeding 2 babies

    wondering any mummies here got preggy during breastfeeding and then continue to breastfeed the elder toddler PLUS the newborn baby? can share your experience? is this 'do-able?'
  7. annie

    Hi 5 dvd

    anyone knows where i can get these online? seems like the casters have changed. are the new ones as good as the old ones? TIA
  8. annie

    Tell tale sign of baby's gender

    wondering for those mummies who has boys and girls before, do u all experience the same tell tale signs of differnet genders eg no MS when u have girls but got MS when u have boys, skin is good when u have girls but bad when u have boys etc etc? wondering if u have the same signs as the previous...
  9. annie

    When toddler dun eat~

    when your toddler dosent eat for a meal, do u give them other food to fill their tummies or let them starve till next feeding? i got a fussy eater at hm n sometimes she dosent even want to open her mouth for meals.. very piss with her.. dunno if i should just let her starve till she happy so she...
  10. annie

    California Baby

    Anyone using or have tried before? any raves or rant? :001_302:
  11. annie

    Shampoo for toddlers

    Mummies, when do u all start to use a shampoo n conditioner for your toddler? i read that newborn babies dosent need a seperate shampoo thus we can just use normal infant body wash on their hair too but when do we need to start with a shampoo n conditioner?
  12. annie

    Moisturising necessary?

    as above. i haven been applying anything onto my girl's skin and her skin feels just fine. no dry patches n all. but i wonder if its necessary for me to do it? if yes, is it just the body or the face as well? just once a day?
  13. annie

    Baby's own room

    Mummies, when do u all move your bb to their own rm? was the transition easy? where do they sleep in their own rm? im thinking of moving my girl to her own rm when we move to a new house (the present house has no additional rm) n by then she will be about 2.5yrs old. a bit worry about the...
  14. annie

    Sleeping schedule

    Can mummies share with me your toddler's sleeping schedule? Im trying to sleep train my girl(17mths now) but wondering if im expecting too much of her.. here is her schedule (milk) sleep 930pm wakes up at 630-7am for first feed wake up for the day around 930am ** after her morning feed, she...
  15. annie

    Baby body soap

    wondering when mummies top using babies body soap for your toddlers? also, when to start using shampoo? so far ive been using the body soap as shampoo.. read that young babies dosent need any shampoo... my girl's body soap is about to finish and i wonder if i should buy refill or just let her...
  16. annie

    Breakfast ideas

    mummies, what do u give your toddler for breakfast other than bread n cereal? my girl dosent take bread and cereal... i have totally no idea on what to make for her breakfast.. thought of porridge, macaroni, noodle.. but those seem a bit heavy for breakfast??
  17. annie

    What fish can be eaten daily or often for toddlers?

    I heard that we cannot give tuna often due to the high level of girl loves tuna but due to this, i cant give her often.. she dosent really like salmon though... any other fish that dosent really stinks that we can give our toddler often? so far ive only been giving her chicken, beef...
  18. annie

    16mths schedule

    i wonder how many mummies here give a full breakfast to their toddlers? i used to give my girl 3 full meals plus snacking on cheese, snacks, cornflakes, juice etc throughout the day but recently ive been giving her only 2 main meals as her schedule changed.. she used to nap around noon so i give...
  19. annie

    Ban Mien

    Am currently living overseas and hubby loves ban mien so wanna try making it myself. anyone has any experience making it? i found a few recipes online but then there are a few different versions.. i wonder which is the closest.. anyone tried making it? care to share the recipe? n also the...
  20. annie

    How much to feed toddlers

    I wonder how much mummies here feed their toddlers? ive heard of frens saying they dun really give their kids meals.. just give them wat they are eating here and there. so pratically they snack on just a bit of food here and there.. but this way, wont they be taking too little food?? like just...