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  1. ping26

    Cleaner/cook at Student Care (Marine Parade)

    The Little Grey Matter Student Care is a registered social enterprise offering student care services for primary school students with mild learning difficulties. Salary :$1000 Working hours : 12 - 7 pm Responsibilities - clean the student care - prepare snacks eg fruit - clean up after snack...
  2. ping26

    WTG Cambridge childcare uniform (dress size S)

    I have 3 dresses to give away. self-collect at AMK - free POSTAGE & packaging :$5 pls txt 90885421
  3. ping26

    Green mi-duo scooter for preschooler

    Lightly used Miduo scooter for sale Height of handle (from floor to handle) is 65cm Selling at $10 Self collect at AMK mrt or AMK HUB.
  4. ping26

    student care teacher (Marine Parade) required

    The Little Grey Matter Student Care is a registered social enterprise offering student care services for primary school students with mild learning difficulties. We seek only passionate and energetic educators who want to make a difference in children's learning. Student Care Teacher work...
  5. ping26

    WTG trampoline

    I'm having a moving sale. Many free items, including this trampoline by 31 Jan 2012. Trampoline (Free!) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! It's quite big. It can't go into a std saloon car. time : 29 jan 2012 (sunday) 12-3pm address : 420 north bridge ctr #04-27 email for reservation of free...
  6. ping26

    Burmese maid for transfer

    Hi I have a Burmese maid for transfer in Dec/Jan. She's suitable for teaching. She probably teach children aged 3-6 years old with global developmental delay & without medical issues. Pls read thread Note : I...
  7. ping26

    Want to rent webcam for 1 mth

    Super sian. Just realized my new Myanmar maid of 6 wks is stealing stuff. Found my mother's stuff in my house. Suspect there's yishun maid network. Prev maid prob took stuff my Sis/maid house. They keep losing things. Long story ... Pls PM me if u can rent or lend me for a mth. Thks...
  8. ping26

    Current maid loan

    Hi mummies, I like to check current practice on maid loans. Presslink - quoted $3200/8mth for indo maid. Upfront payment. Salary $400, ex m'sia Agent fee $380 Pls share. Thks.
  9. ping26

    looking for music teacher for toddler

    hi I'm looking for a music teacher to come to my place (Bugis). prefer someone who has teaching experience at Staccato or kindermusic. Pls PM or email thks.
  10. ping26

    what should I do abt this errant maid agency?

    My sis just sent off her filipino maid back to the agent as my niece told her that the maid demonstrated to her how to jump out of the window last mth while sunning the mattress. I told my sis to instruct the agent to buy an air ticket home as it's irresponsible to pass her around. We really...
  11. ping26

    maid's 1st off-day

    Hi mummies, My maid requested for off-day. She gave a story abt being moody as her husband may be cheating on her. The thing is I don't trust her completely due to some of her behaviours which involve lying and petty theft (food, children's hair accessories). She's subtly manipulative...
  12. ping26

    useful resources for parents of children with Down syndrome

    Hi mummies, I collated some info while I was researching some info abt developmental milestones. Hope it's useful. regards, Ping 1) An overview of the development of infants with Down syndrome (0-5 years) Milestones for children with Down syndrome An overview of the development of...
  13. ping26

    any recommendations for toddler tricycle ?

    hi mummies I'd like to get a tricycle as Christmas present for my 19 mth old toddler. would appreciate any recommendation & advice. thanks, Ping
  14. ping26

    Wkshop : Being a 'Sensory Smart' Parent of child with Down syndrome (4 Dec, Sat)

    FYI Please note that the above mentioned Workshop by DanaKae Bonahoom on Saturday, 4th December 2010 has been changed from a full day to a half day morning workshop as follows. Kindly note the change in venue to DSA J8 and the reduction in fees, etc. Date ...
  15. ping26

    recommendation of handyman required

    hi I need some recommendations for a reliable handyman with good service & reasonable price. He's required to a) install a safety gate at staircase b) attach stainless steel brackets to window grills with rivets thnks Ping
  16. ping26

    Montessori Math for toddlers

    Hi mummies, My centre will be starting a Montessori Math program for toddlers born in 2008-2009. We are accepting registration for enrolment in 2011. The programme will be conducted by a Montessori-trained preschool specialist. This program is suitable for toddlers whose language and...
  17. ping26

    18 mth-old doing forward roll

    hi mummies Just want to know if anyone's kid is doing this & age of the child. My baby likes to do "headstand" postures sometimes but her feet are still on the bed. Today, she somehow did the forward roll 3-4 times. She wasn't scared at all but enjoyed the sensation. I stopped her cos I...
  18. ping26

    FYI: PCF special edn needs team

    hi mummies, PCF now has a special edn needs (SEN) team which supports its, urm, 246 kindergartens island-wide. As I understand fr a friend, you need to put in a request to teacher/ctr principal before the SEN team can come in to assist. It may be helpful if you print out the page and ask the...
  19. ping26

    congratulations on baby Daen, yummymummy!

    Just read yr blog. Daen's lovely. Daen & Vera look lovely together :) So glad everything went well for you. best wishes, Ping
  20. ping26

    washing cloth nappies ?

    Hi mummies, I have a front loading washing machine. Can I put napisan in the washing machine? Or do u just use rinse function in washing machine after soaking the nappies? can u share how u wash the nappies?