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    Science tuition

    Tuition for Physics & Chemistry - Sec 3, 4 & 5 Male experienced tutor who is currently providing home tuition as well as tutoring in 2 tuition centres. Tuition to be conducted at Tutor's residence at Hougang. For more information, please contact Mr Shawn Koh at 97943594...
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    Speech & drama at Hougang?

    Any speech & drama classes for 7 yrs old at Hougang? Affordable fees...
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    Preloved Combi stroller

    Preloved Combi stroller. Cannot lie flat, only adjustable within sitting position. The hinge for both sides of the canopy are broken. $30. Collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Preloved Maclaren Quest

    Preloved Maclaren Quest. Well used. Pls expect normal wear out look. $80. Collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    BN Tiger food jar

    BN Tiger food jar $49Collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Physics & chemistry tuition

    Check out:
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    8 panels playyard

    Preloved 8 panels playyard to clear.
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    Preloved playmat

    Preloved playmat. Have missing hanging hooks and toys. Condition: 7/10 Self collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Preloved infant carseat

    Preloved carseat suitable for up to 9 months. Cover looks well washed/used. Shoulder padding already thinned. Selling at $60. Collect from Hougang Ave 1. Please PM if keen.
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    Chem / Phy Tuition

    Male tutor offering Chem / Phy tuition for Sec 3 /4 /5 at tutor's home in Hougang. Individual / group tuition based on available slots. Tutor's profile : * Full time home tutor * Part time tutor at 2 tuition centers For more information, please contact Shawn at
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    where to get large 'yoga' mats?

    Anyone knows where to get those bumper mats or large yoga mats? want it to be plain colour and very big.
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    mosquito bites scar cream

    any recommendation for cream to lighten scars from mosquito bites? must be suitable for kids.
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    where to bring kids tmr

    Any suggestion where to bring kids tmr??
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    Financial Assistance

    Anyone knows other than KiFas, is there any other types of subsidies that we can get for preschool child?
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    Dance class

    Any dance class to recommend for 4 year old girl? Neighbourhood place with reasonable price.
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    Any september holiday program?

    Just wondering if there's any programmes during this sep holiday for kids?
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    Nestle oats with prunes

    Can anyone advise where to get those Nestle oats with prunes sachets?
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    Tinted moisturiser

    Any recommendations for tinted moisturiser for combination skin?
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    Tiger airways

    I've already book tickets to travel in nov. If I want to add ticket for my kid, how shall I do so?
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    Any cheap recommendations for Bangkok accomodation? Going there for a week so need to be cheap and good. If have swimming pool will be best.