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  1. apollo

    How you wean baby off yaolan?

    hi mummiess, as per above... any advices? TIA =)
  2. apollo


    hi mummies, would like to check with your when did you intro mushroom to ur lil ones? at what age/mths? and what type of mushroom u cook for them? those dried one or those seling at supermarket? and ds is currently having 2 meals solid meal daily, would lik to ask when u started...
  3. apollo

    Wholemeal bread & food to bring overseas

    hi mummies, when can I start feeding my 10mth old wholemeal bread? i asked pd regarding white bread b4, he said no white bread until babies reach 1yo.. but he didnt mention abt wholemeal. and my fren told me i can feed my boy wholemeal bread instead of white bread... another qns: we're...
  4. apollo

    Travel Insurance

    Hi mummies, mind sharing which com u usually buy ur travel insurance from? and how much? last time i bought from NTUC and it was ard $17 per pax, but now i check thru their web, the price has raise to $25 for the cheapest one. and usually hw long advance u purchase it? TIA :001_302:
  5. apollo

    Sudden milk/food decrease!

    ds is 9mth+ and 3 weeks ago he started refusing solid food, a week ago he started to drink lesser milk. he used to drink 210-240ml 4x per day, 5tablespoon cereal + 1 rice bowl porridge per day. but nw he is drinking only 150ml each time (sometimes 50ml only) and only 2-3 tablespoon of porridge...
  6. apollo

    baby play mat

    hi mummies, mind sharing where u get ur baby play mat? i wanna get the minitoons 'winnie the pooh' one but seeems lik all the minitoons i went, no longer selling alrdy, cos i no longer see any of it. anyone see any minitoons still selling the big playmat from minitoons? TIA! :001_302:
  7. apollo

    HELP!!!! Refusing solid food agaiN!

    my 9mth old has been refusing cereal & porridge since friday. this aftnoon i tot of giving him new food cos i tot he might got tired of cereal n porridge, so made him some mashed potato. but same thing, he refused to open his mouth and keep crying!!!! but when it comes to biscuits, he will...
  8. apollo

    how 'kiasi' are u after becoming a mummy

    Was chatting with other mummies at the other thread. and tok abt how 'kiasi' we are aft becoming a mother. kiasi as in, what if ppl cough/sneeze in fron ur baby? touch or even KISS ur baby?? ds kanna KISS by ppl before, by my mum's fren. and my mum got VERY angry and snatch ds over!
  9. apollo

    8.5 mth old suddenly refuse cereal!!!

    hi mummies, ds is 8.5 mths old, he used to love cereal, he can finish his cereal within 5min. but dunno what's wrong with him recently, for the past 1week+ he has been rejecting his cereal!!! he will eat the 1st spoon, but aft knowing it's cereal, he will close his mouth tightly. we have to...
  10. apollo

    baby moisturizer/lotion

    hi mummies, i realised ds's skin has been a lil bit dry.. currently using Kodomo powder lotion. wanna try other brand to see if can improve his dry skin.. any good baby moisturizer to reco? TIA :001_302:
  11. apollo

    what's the 'maximum' milk intake for each feed?

    Ds has been drinking 210ml FM each feed but recently he seems to be 'asking' for more aft finishing his mum asked me to increase to 240ml... my qns is, so far i seen many babies drinking 210-240ml, even when they r 1yo a above.. i'm thinking tt ds's milk intake might INCREASE again...
  12. apollo

    Flu Vaccine

    Any mummies here let ur baby take flu vaccine (NOT H1N1 vaccine)? as we are bringing ds to bkk in May, my pd recommended us to let him take the flu vaccine to prevent any flu virus pass to him during the trip.. we intend to let him take the vaccine on march, when he is 9mths old.. anything...
  13. apollo


    May i know hw long ur baby takes to recover from flu? i mean fully reccover with no musuc dripping from his/her nose.. ds has been down with flu since tues and the 1st few days aft taking medi his condition improve very fast.. but for the past 2-3 days, he still have those watery 'musuc'...
  14. apollo

    grinding teeth!

    today i realise ds has been grinding his teeth!! things get better when we giv him a teether cos he will bite on the teether instead. but i'm afraid tt grinding teeth will 'spoilt' his teeth... any mummies encounter such situation?? is it normal for baby to grind teeth??
  15. apollo

    Recipe for Chocolate Cornflakes???

    Anyone has recipe for Chocolate Cornflakes to share?? TIA :001_302:
  16. apollo

    Cherry Chest Rub??

    ds is down with flu and having block nose. my fren suggested giving him Cherry Chest Rub which the box stated is for kids. she said she used it for her elder son when he was a baby. any mummies use this for ur baby under 1 year old?? izzit safe and effective?? fyi, ds is 7mths+ old.. =)
  17. apollo

    Anyone tried FANCL PERFECT SLIM or Calorie Limit

    anyone tried any of these 2? how does it works? and did u slim down aft taking it/them?? which one do u think works better?? and most imptly, any side effects for these pills?? TIA! :001_302:
  18. apollo

    Reno Loan

    anyone here took up bank renovation loan? got some qns wanna ask.. :001_302: how does it works? usually bank will approve anot? what if they dont? thks in advance! :tlaugh:
  19. apollo

    bringing baby overseas?

    hi mummies, we intend to bring ds overseas few mth later, by then he will be ard 11mths old.. we have some doubts to clear.. 1. we might be taking jetstar or tiger airline, will the airline provide a 'secure' seat for ds, lik a carseat type? 2. can i bring up our own water to make ds's...
  20. apollo

    BTO - when will ready?

    we have applied for a BTO flat at 2008 and it stated that it will be ready on 2013. 2 days ago, we passed by the area and saw out flat has all nearly finish building. total 16 storeys and all built alrdy, only left the interior, windows, doors, painting on the outside etc... what i wanna ask...