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  1. dragontooth86

    hope to heard some advice...

    If ur hubby didnt tell u abt he's going to myanmmar with his company's friend only nxt mth until ur child tell u abt it. Wats ur reaction?
  2. dragontooth86

    Luncheon Meat Cause Cancer

    April 22, 2005 A new study finds that heavy consumption of hot dogs, sausages and luncheon meats may increase the risk of in previous studies but the results were not as consistent as in the latest study. Results of the large multiethnic study were reported at the 96th Annual Meeting of the...
  3. dragontooth86

    My Prince

    finally my prince keith arrive in 6th May,, sigh late a day..
  4. dragontooth86

    Guilding Of Hype-active children

    If having a hyperactive children how shld u take care of it? Cane/beat is it the best idea if it's too over? Cos i had a hyperactive cousin as he was a boy, as wat i heard from my aunt say if he's too over normally she will juz cane him.
  5. dragontooth86

    Feel funny on man?

    How do u feel or did your hb buy the item u need 4 u, like sanitary pads, inner cloths, etc..4 u? Or do u feel disgustly 4 a man 2 buy u this item?
  6. dragontooth86

    Childrens Own Room

    How old will u let your child to have a bedroom?
  7. dragontooth86

    Pads with or w/o wing

    Sometimes i was random use of wings n no wings.. So what u all prefer?