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  1. joeichen

    Hi, Cant remember seeing any obvious wear and tear but will go back and check again. I am...

    Hi, Cant remember seeing any obvious wear and tear but will go back and check again. I am selling both at 250, if you are keen you can arrange to view it 1st before deciding. Pls give me your HP or email address so I can send you the pix, or you can msg me at 98792580.
  2. joeichen

    Desperate ...Any mainstream preschool who accepts kids with mild ASD ?

    Hi Cobbie, Hope I'm not late. I've got a ASD boy but lucky he is consider mild. He was diagnosis late at about 5 years old. I had a hard time looking for a school where he can learn. The previous school he was in just let him play on his own since he does not want to join the group and does...
  3. joeichen

    WTS - Combi pram with car seat

    Hi mummies, I got a combi with compatible car seat to let. Pls email me for pix n contact.
  4. joeichen

    WTS - maclaren xt with buggy board

    Hi mummies, I got a pre-loved maclaren xt with buggy board to sell. Interested pls email me for contract n pix. Tks
  5. joeichen

    How sure of the gendar at 14 and a half week

    Hahaha..... I know hw u feel coz me same during my tis pregnancy. I keep thinking.... wat if it turn out another monkey? OMG..... I oso chk the gender calender or the gender chart to increase my confident.... Lucky.... I got a ger tis time
  6. joeichen

    How sure of the gendar at 14 and a half week

    I oppsite.... at 14 weeks doc say too early to cfm but shld b gal, so we keep praying "pls!!! nothing come out in between". 16 weeks doc say 70% its a gal, so we keep praying again.... till 20 weeks the doc cfm its a gal.... We were overjoy!!!!! Anyway was becoz we got 2 monkeys liao so we...
  7. joeichen

    Family photo Package

    I search on net n found 1 ABC studio @ Bishan but duno hw gd...
  8. joeichen

    Family photo Package

    Errrmmm.... not really the traditional type. We went 1 abt 2 yrs back but lost the contact when moving house. I think the studio was in joo chiat... she took unlimited photos and after complete she rtn all the photos in a disc (even those duplicate photos and those not very well taken) so i'm...
  9. joeichen

    Family photo Package

    Tks, but i'm looking for big family package leh.... 11 member (include the children)
  10. joeichen

    Family photo Package

    Hi, got any good recomend for family photo taking package?
  11. joeichen

    Hello: Single Father here

    Halo! welcome!!
  12. joeichen

    Authentic or not???

    Hi, Can someone teach me how to tell if the branded bag is authentic or not? 1. Burberry 2. Chanel 3. Coach Tks!
  13. joeichen

    Maid Issues

    sorry to hear wat happen. Mostly employer dun allow maid to carry HP when they juz arrival or juz started workin in the family. I suggest u ask her pay all the overseas call n sms which she maid to her family coz its not fair to employer to pay for her. Let them knw tat its not cheap to call...
  14. joeichen

    Maid luggage

    i oso think u shld check. Tell her u need to do decarlation when sending item so need to go thru her things.
  15. joeichen

    Employing maid

    Hi, I have been having pro with maids for the past 2 years. 1st maid - I believe she took foods and sell to others during daytime coz she is left with my elder boy alone. (we r all at work) 2nd maid - She was very gd at 1st but after abt 2 mths she start all her nonsense. (e.g pull my boy...
  16. joeichen

    EDD in June'09

    My training for my 2 boys r success, nw when my DH wake up n my bb "smell" his dad he will start his "crying" till his dad carry him n when my elder c his dad carrying his bro he will oso squeeze in..... Hahahaha.... less job for me!!!
  17. joeichen

    EDD in June'09

    Hahaha.... ya ya.... same same....
  18. joeichen

    Which brand of Maternity Pad ?

    Tats true but depend on individual. Like me, during my 1st, the blood was scary and last 1 whole mth... but tis time was not as much and only last 2 weeks
  19. joeichen

    EDD in June'09

    mayb we can share our photos at facebook.
  20. joeichen

    EDD in June'09

    I wanted to bring him out but normally we stay out late so not recently coz me n my hubby pandang.... have to wait till after the seventh mth. Tis bb is totally diff fr my elder boy... he keep himself awake during the whole outing but my elder always slp when we go out during 3mths old....