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  1. Catty

    What is subsided rate for consultation fee in KKH?

    I rem the 1st visit i already paid about $100 inclusive of med, check up and scan.. Worst things is the waiting time, my appt start at 9am and the time i left kkh is 2pm+ (All is the benefit you get for subsidised rate even for referral letter from polyclinic)
  2. Catty

    Hospital bag for Mt. Alvernia - feel free to add if I miss anything

    Personal Items • Pyjamas (button-front) or long night dress • Rubber non-slip sandals • Toiletries (shampoo, body lotion, facial wash, moisturizer, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, ear-digger) Mt Alvernia do provide toiletries (Toothpaste, Toothbrush, face towel, shampoo, soap and...
  3. Catty

    Pigeon BB Compact Powder

    I use the Pigeon Compact Powder when i'm in my schooling days cos i rem that time didn't have much pocket $ and at the same time like to make ourself pretty so bought this compact powder, smell nice and it's cheap.. :tlaugh:
  4. Catty

    Think Pregnant again...

    Just curious.. What will u do if u got pregnant No.4 and u just going to start ur new job soon??? :embarrassed: From what i know MOM law, u need to work 3 mths and above than u be entitle for the maternity leave but will u afraid that ur employer will dismissed u when they know u're...
  5. Catty


    In chinese we call it Lao Wang Mai Kua Zhi Mai Zhi Kua (Promoting themself that how good they are) *vomit*.. :tlaugh:
  6. Catty

    is it alright to sleep on tummy?

    I let my baby sleep on her tummy when she's about 1 mth+, indeed they can really sleep well and sometimes can sleep through the night! Think infant sleeping on tummy is a very usual thing for them in the western countries.. :001_302:
  7. Catty


    But once if u found out than it be too late also cos in our mind somehow we will feel disgusted when u think how our man having affair with other woman and came back to ML with us.. :nah: *Yucks*
  8. Catty


    Yeah.. U are right.. so long got "in-law" this word mostly will kenna blacklist de.. :tlaugh:
  9. Catty

    My Little Joshua is borned too - 14 Oct 09

    Congrats Camomile on your lovely and handsome baby boy.. :Dancing_wub: What your gynae said is true that if you can feel your uterus contraction is good, every mummies (normal delivery) will need to go through this part too but not to worried as the pain won't be that long, think the most will...
  10. Catty


    Hi 5!!! :001_302: Just go there to say "Happy New Year", take ang bao from her and say "Bye Bye".. :tlaugh:
  11. Catty


    Yeah.. That's what every woman will response in the 1st place but then what "IF" they betray us really secretly till we even can't find any trace??? :err:
  12. Catty

    Any home based job to recommend??

    Can PM me too? Would like to do it during my free time (after work and weekend).. :001_302:
  13. Catty

    Think Pregnant again...

    Congrats ger-mummy! It's great that u have sorted out and decided to keep the baby, think maybe after your 2nd baby is out u can consider to do some vaginal precaution.. Just in case *touchwood* suay suay another hole in condom.. :we2Randy-git:
  14. Catty


    Think i wun mind my hubby wun stand is better than he will stand and we as a woman will keep on thinking "Will my hubby betray me???".. :tlaugh:
  15. Catty

    Think Pregnant again...

    After seeing this thread realli scare me a lot.. my 3rd baby also 5mths old and i was thinking wat "IF" 1 day i also kenna pregnant even if we do take precaution (condom)??? give birth to 4th baby??? Think i sure faint.. :we2Randy-git:
  16. Catty


    Wow Snowbear, your mil really crazy.. :nah: If she's my mil, i sure blacklist her and will only bring my gal to visit her once a year.. :p
  17. Catty

    Constantly at odds with the hubby and more

    Hi Meeteoh, Think all this confliction is due to that you still not used to be a SAHM, maybe you wanna discuss with your hubby that you find a job now and a nanny or infant care to settle your gal when u start work? Cos nowadays finding a job is not that easy and it takes quite sometimes maybe...
  18. Catty

    What is your biggest expense every month?

    Our biggest expenses is also car loan + petrol + season parking aldy can chalk up to 1k+.. :we2Randy-git:
  19. Catty


    Thanks for all the mummies great suggestion although seems quite fierce but i love it.. "Take action first talk later".. :tlaugh: Indeed Lauralynn is a very unique name, glad that u are persistent with ur child name..
  20. Catty


    She will just say let her go PAP/PCF school enough le, meaning she still want to take procession of my gal and offer to let my 2nd gal to study PAP (just below her blk).. :nah: