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    Twin babies

    Having a twin baby doesn't have any relation with, whether your family and relatives are having any twins before or not.
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    Cute Babies

    Wow!! Really the babies are very cute. By watching these photographs one will forget about all his tension in life.
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    buying cheaper milk powder from minimart

    Baby Care It doesn't matter what is the cost of the milk. The important fact is whether it is good for the health of your baby or not. Does your child is facing any health problem by drinking this milk. So many people are using this. If this cheaper milk is having bad quality then this might...
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    trouble with my 2 yr old

    Don't worry let her go to school for one month. I think when she will watch others children playing and reading together then she might change her behavior. So, wait for few days see what is happening.
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    suggestion for start solid

    People are starting for solid food from the 5month but yours child is of 6 months. This means you are late. So, you can start it from now and as you are initiating so, start with once per day. After that you can increase it to twice after one or two week. Baby Toys
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    Taking Premature Babies Home

    Baby Care Thank You for this information. One of my cousin's baby born in 30 weeks. She is planning to come back home with her baby after 5 days. I am going to show her this information. Baby Bottle
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    Chilcare - key elementary eduhouse

    Baby Travel As this child care center is present near your house then you can know about it easily. I think other should ask you about this center as it is nearer to you.
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    Crayons and Paints for Toddlers

    Now there is no need of siting near the babies when they are painting by using crayons. If they are not painting then baby teething items are there.
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    Baby recently can't finish his milk

    Baby Toys I think you should try to give her milk when he is playing with toys or when he is happy. Avoid at the time when he is feeling sleepy or when he is crying. Because normaly when they are playing with some baby items like dolls or cars etc. at that time their attention is on those...
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    Where to buy modern cloth diapers?

    Yes, I am having one suggestion for you. If you want hygienic one then just visit this site.
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    three times hfmd within three months

    You just can't do anything your son can't understand all these things. The one thing you can do is, protect your child from these disease by giving him supplements which will boost his immune system.
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    How to boost immune system?

    I think you should consult to the doctor first. After that whatever advice he will give just follow that then definitely you will get rid of this problem.
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    Do you put baby in stroller or carrier when u go shopping?

    I think stroller is the best option to carry a child when you are going to market. Because your child will remain safe in it an also can enjoy freely.
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    pacifier - need or want?

    According to me a Pacifier is a need as well as a want. Because each time it's not possible for mother's to make the baby asleep by breastfeeding. Therefore, it's a best alternative for both the parents and the child. :nah: