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    A request to mummies

    Hi mummies I saw this thread at motherhood forum.. really feel for the mummy.. you can view the thread at this link. give a helping hand if you can. cheers.
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    need advise....

    hi mummies what do i need to prepare for my baby? i am gonna bring her to Hong Kong next week.. will stay for two weeks and go to china for a week... do i need to bring her for jabs? what are the things to take note on the plane? what are the things i must bring along? advise needed!!!! thks
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    give a helping hand

    Hi mummies few days ago, i show a thread "newborn baby clothes needed " under exchange and free give corner... after i read, my husband sent some preloved milk bottles and clothes to them.. she told my husband that her friend is very pathetic, she only have 3 pieces of baby clothes for her few...
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    which formula do u prefer

    Hi which formula do u prefer to give your baby? i used to give my baby mamil gold, now changed to enfalac...
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    fertility drugs

    Hi is there anyone try fertility drugs before? i m wondering whether i should try, wanna have more children but i only want to give birth one more time.. best if i can have twin... anything to share?
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    should i go for union dinner?

    Hi mummies advise needed!!!!!!! Should I go for union dinner? my MIL ans SIL chased me out of the house last yr because they claimed that i talked to my MIL with bad attitude... till now, we never meet, never talk... honestly i m still angry and upset about this issue .. i know my hubby...
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    any mahjong lover in CCK/yew tee

    hi mummies is there any mahjong lover in CCK/yew tee?
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    need advice on school fees

    Hi mummies I heard that there are differences on school fees for citizens(bith parents) and one of the parent who is PR.. Is that so? deborah
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    Brand new baby's rompers/sets/pants for 3-6mths

    Hi I have some Brand new old navy/all mines' baby's rompers/sets/pants for 3-6mths here. attachment-price 388-$9 389-$13 390-$15 391-$29 392-$25 393-$13 394-$13 Deborah 8200 7657