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  1. jasline26

    HLE Loan ~

    I Appiled HLE But End Up Only Can Loan $99K Its Not Even Enough To Buy A Flat Which Cost $290k We Are 1st Timer , Why Cant We Loan More ? Any Solution? Anyone Enconter This ? Can Share ?
  2. jasline26

    Help Me =))

    Hi All!! Dont Mind Can Do Me A Favor? very easy , click --> Missy ShaSha ? You~ theres a canon picture , below the pic have a "I LIKE IT" can u all help me click that? =D Thanks alot =DDDDDDDD :Dancing_wub:
  3. jasline26

    What Ingreadiant Can I Add In The Porriage ?

    My DS Is Now 5 Month + going to 6 month this september 4 , would like to ask isit better to start to give porriage now or later? if can start now what ingreadaint should i add? isit better to use slow wok cooking ? or normal pot will do? i need all of yr advise thanks =)
  4. jasline26

    Question abt Quinny Buzz

    hi all mommies who is using quinny buzz, i just got a buzz from mother care but i got something still not understand. - is it normal that when i lift up the pram when its locked, it will sometimes auto unlock? is there anyway to prevent it? - is there anyway to loosen the auto unlock thing...