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    Traveling to Los Angeles and San Fransisco with a toddler and preschooler. Advice pl

    I am planning to travel to Los Angeles and San Fransisco with my 5yo son and 2.5yo daughter. With long flights, I am wondering what will be in store for me :-/ advice from parents who had brought young children for such adventure, pls. Especially on keeping their sanity on board the long flights...
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    Any SAHM in Yew Tee

    Hi! I will be a SAHM comes year end and hoping to join any meet-up, playgroup preferably within my home vicinity. But it seems that there are not many, hehe perhaps there are more FTWMs. I am a mother to a 3yold boy and a 6mths old baby girl. Need to build up or keep in touch with like-minded...