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    Does all maids need to sign 2 yrs contract?

    I aldy hv a maid but I probably need a another one as I have 2 young children. But I don't need a maid for 2 yrs, are there any other options? Thanks
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    Lost Maternity Leave - Beware!

    For those mummies who take hospitalization leave due to pregnancy related issue before delivery, pls check with your company HR. I had pregnancy complication and was issued hospitalization leave and mc for about 3 weeks e.g July-Aug. That was more than 2 months earlier than my EDD in Oct...
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    Looking for nanny to take care of newborn in yishun

    Prefer experience nanny who can handle breast milk & take care of newborn baby girl. To work at Yishun fm 9am-7pm on weekdays. To also provide assistance to take care of 18mth old child where required. To be available ard nov 2012. Kindly PM me with info & contact details, thank u!
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    Feeling breathless with fast heartbeat

    I am abt 16 weeks pregnant. Lately have been feeling breathless. Can feel my heartbeat is very fast like just run 2.4km and heart going to pop out. Tis can occur even when I am sitted. Do any pregnant mums feel this way?
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    How to care for 2 children?

    I m currently expecting my 2nd baby. The age gap btw the 2 will be abt 18mths. My domestic helper is taking care of my no. 1 while I m at work. How do experience mum cope when both require as much attention? I m at a lost, kindly share. I did tot of sending my no. 1 to childcare. But worried tat...
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    Believe the HPK or GP?

    I hv tested once using e digi HPK n it showed pregnant (1-2) n v faint positive using e clear blue. But I went GP, I tested negative. So which result shld I believe?
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    Any Balloon sculpturist / magician to recommend?

    Thought of getting a balloon sculpturist or magician for son's birthday party. Any reliable one to recommend? Thanks!
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    Transfer Maid / New maid / Nanny / Infant Care

    I am going back to work soon and need help in looking after my newborn in Yishun asap. I am exploring all the above options. Appreciate any advice from experienced mothers or pls pm me if you can provide help. Thanks so much!
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    If u hv a choice, wld u live with ur MIL?

    I think it is jus a matter of time tat tis is gonna happen. But I hope to hv some advice. Shld we e DIL live with our MIL (no FIL as divorce aldy) ??? If we dun, is it being not filial? :eek:
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    Starting a new thread in this area. Feel that the info that I can find is not sufficient and not many ppl post this topic. Hope that this will encourage ppl to share their experiences and better still, their success stories... :wong19:
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    IVF - need advice pls!

    Need some advice on IVF. Any mothers can share your experience? I am think of going for IVF at TMC. Heard that it is called simplified IVF but not too sure what is the difference with those done at public hospitals. I also read that there is a ICSI. Did any mothers try this too?
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    Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK)

    Anyone knows where to get a good lobang for OPK? I have heard of the test strips but I read tat it does not use the first urine of the day which is unlike the clearblue brand. So I am not sure whether the strips are effective. Any advise?
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    Disappointed with the BFN...

    :bsad:Today is the end of my 2ww... Out of curiousity, I did a test tis morning. But it gave me a disappointing result! Although my AF is not due yet but I tot I probably wld rec'd gd I had felt most of the symtoms like sore breasts, feeling hungry, tired, frequent urination except...