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  1. J

    Maple Story

    Just wondering if any mummies or daddies here are playing this game.
  2. J

    Any recommendations for a studio that does family portraits?

    My family wants to get a family portrait done to chronicle the kids' growing up years... any suggestions on where to go? would appreciate prices and package details too! thanks in advance!!
  3. J

    Tandem Nursing

    I wonder how many of you are doing this... or do you even know what it is... I tandem nursed for about 1.5 yrs (my #1 and #3), it was not the easiest thing to do but it was very rewarding. Do share your experiences here!
  4. J

    Mum to 3

    Hullo, thanks for BlueChin for inviting me to this forum. I'm a full time mummy to three children - two boys and a girl. My eldest is entering P1 next year. Looking forward to meeting new people here and learning different things from each of you. So far, this looks like a lovely lovely...