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  1. bluechin

    BMSG Annual General Meeting 2008

    Do join us if you could drop by! :) Non-members welcome with their families but do RSVP BMSG office if you intend to come. 18th Annual General Meeting Date : 29 March 2008 (Sat) Time : 1 pm - 3 pmVenue : 96 Waterloo St, SCWO Centre, Georgette Chen Auditorium, S(187967) Agenda 1. Personal...
  2. bluechin

    Happy Birthday elaiine_janson

    Happie Happie Birthday Elaiine_janson :) :Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub:
  3. bluechin

    Art lesson

    Hi Mummies, My son has a flair for drawing and would to send him for some practical lessons. I called NAFA and they said they are full and can't even place me on waiting list. :( Do anyone of you have any other good art classes/schools to recommend?
  4. bluechin

    MummySg 2nd Gathering on 4th Nov

    Hello Daddies & Mummies, We are proposing a 2nd MummySG gathering! :Dancing_wub: Date : TOMORROW!! 4th November 2007 (Sunday) Time : 3 to 5pm Venue : Hougang Street 11 (Aby's Place) Theme : MummySg is Friendly! Kids can come dressed up in costumes if u like! Basically Anything Friendly is...
  5. bluechin

    MummySg Pet Adoption

    Edy, Thanks for adding this feature. :) For those who do not know, now we can adopt a pet in MummySg Forum itself! After you login to the forums, click on User CP (top left hand corner) --> Edit Profile (scroll all the way to the end and there is a pet section) Pets health and level...
  6. bluechin

    KKJC Christmas Special Workshop on 8th Dec 2007

    Christmas Special Workshop Date: Saturday, 8 December 2007 Venue: Patient Education Centre, Level 1, Women’s Tower, KK Hospital Time: 2 to 5.30 pm (Pre-registration starts at 1.30 pm) Fee: $32 KKJC Members; $40 Non-Members Programme 2 to 3.30 pm Log Cake Making 3.30 to 4 pm Tea Break...
  7. bluechin

    KKJC Kids Bake & Craft Workshop

    KKJC Kids Bake & Craft Workshop on 10th Nov (Sat) Kids Bake & Craft Workshop Date: Saturday, 10 November 2007 Venue: Patient Education Centre, Level 1, Women’s Tower, KK Hospital Time: 2 to 5.30 pm (Pre-registration starts at 1.30 pm) Fee: $32 KKJC Members; $40 Non-Members Programme...
  8. bluechin

    Breastfeeding & Smoking

    A Concerned Mummy PMed me to ask about Bfg and smoking. Thot it will be good to share with others mums who are wondering whether to continue bfg if they can't kick the habit. Here's my reply to her. I am glad to be of help. :) ----------------------------------------- I would say a...
  9. bluechin

    The Body Shop Charity Makeover Marathon

    Hello Mummies, Jopeck and I are planning to go together for this event for fun! and to unwind as a mummy... Keen to join us? Date : Saturday, 27 October 2007 Time : 10am to 10pm Venue : Marina Square Shopping Mall, Linkbridge Atrium Level 2 Fees : $40 per participant (fully redeemable on...
  10. bluechin

    Happy Birthday belle! (14th Sept 2007)

    Happy Birthday belle! Do enjoy this speacial day! :) God Bless!
  11. bluechin

    Happy Birthday alyn ! (14th Sept 2007)

    Happy Birthday alyn ! Do enjoy this speacial day! :) God Bless!
  12. bluechin

    Happy Birthday xaviera7676! (14th Sept 2007)

    Happy Birthday xaviera7676! Do enjoy this speacial day! :) God Bless!
  13. bluechin

    Recipe for Friendship

    Just sharing :) Recipe for Friendship Start with smiles, a generous share Then blend in warmth & laughter Add lots of happy memories That will last forever Don't forget the patience For the days when things goes wrong Add a sense of humor And a trust that's deep and strong Garnish...
  14. bluechin

    How Good are you with Accessories?

    I've to admit i'm bad with accessories... except for the fact that i like watches (timepieces) and i own jewellery which are kept like white elephants becos i'm really more into gadgets. How about you? Are you Good with Accessories? or you are like me... just too lazy and probably using only...
  15. bluechin

    Dr Paul Tseng - TLC (in TMC)

    He's got to be my favourite gynae! and my hubby's. I had a female gynae (becos i was shy) for my 1st child. The experience was ok but can be better but with Paul for my 2nd birth.... i would say..... close to perfect! He has hence became many other mummies' i know's favourite gynae too...
  16. bluechin

    BMSG(S) Car Decal

    Hello All, Please show your support by proudly displaying our car decal. Anyone that believes "Breastmilk is Best" can display it! So you don't need to be a breastfeeding mum to do so. Each car decal retails @ only $3 each. Contact us at or Tel : 63370508 to...
  17. bluechin

    How long have you breastfed?

    Share with us how long you have breastfed... :)
  18. bluechin

    Breastfeeding Helpline

    BREASTFEEDING PROBLEMS? NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO? CALL OUR HELPLINE: 63393558 We operate a Counselling helpline which is opened to the public. We have a team of trained and experienced counsellors to respond to your enquiries over the telephone. Helpline operating hours: Mon-Fri...
  19. bluechin

    2003 Babies Mummy?

    Hi Mummies, I'm Bluechin.. Mummy to almost 4 year old Javier who will celebrating his birthday in August and 2 year old Janelle. Hope to met more mummies here with kids of the same ages, possibly meet up and have regular playgroups and outings for my kids. Pls introduce yourselves too! :)