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    Maths Group Tuition In TPY

    Dear Parents and Students, Greetings I had been a teacher in a SAP Primary school in Toa Payoh for 10.5 years as of Dec 31 2011. It was 10 fun and fruitful years. I had to leave the service due to my diagnosis of certain learning needs of my 2 younger ones and decided teach them myself and...
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    I am resigning as pri sch tr- last day 31 Dec 10

    I have finally work up the courage to tender my resignation. I have been enjoying my time in Pei Chun Public School So it's really difficult to let go. I will especially miss my pupils & peers. O I got my last parting gift from pupils My P6 class improved, from last years' (P5 SA1 grades) 4...
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    This has been my favourite MTV ever since I heard it in the 90s. Man, it's been some fantasy come true. :wong19: Too Bad wife don't understand cantonese. :001_302: The URl YouTube - Jacky Cheung - Love & Symphony live part6
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    Hi ... I am a daddy as well

    Hello to one and all, I am a husband to 1 wife; daddy to three kiddos who are about - 6, 3 & 2 years young; and am a primary school teacher to quite a few. My job is my hobby, so I don't work too much. Cheerios