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    Can have Sex ?

    Since you are conceive via IVF, your risk is higher. If I'm you I'd refrain till delivery. If you hubby is desperate, I beside there's other creative and safer way of intimacy besides vaginal intercourse. If you are desperate, it's time for your hubby to exercise his tongue. Goodluck...
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    6 mths baby with behavior changes

    OK abit of an update: My wife had company shutdown till 1st Jan 2014 and for the past 2 weeks, she had been taking care of him at home with my mom who occasionally come over to help. We notice that for the past few days, his behavour change again: 1) He seemed to have eye contact with us more...
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    Does Epidural affect breastfeeding?

    All NB are sleepy for days and still learning to latch effectively so BFing during the first week is always a challenge. Epidural have more impact on the mother's health. Never hear of it doing any harm to breastfeeding. Don't scare yourself.
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    using nipple shield

    Hi, We have the same problem, severe flat nipple. We tried many method, but found the use the breast pump to be the most effective. Use the pump to slowly suck out the nipple. The initial few days it may be painful but after a few weeks the nipple will be more willing to come out and stay for a...
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    14 mths old baby having dark green poo since formula introduced

    My boy also greenish poo since switching to formula (Similac) PD sayings as long as ,poop texture ok, growth ok and baby mood ok, no worries.
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    6 mths baby with behavior changes

    My 6 months old boy used to be a smileybaby and smiles at everyone who he meets.He is basically a cutie pie and it was great fun communicating/playing with him. But Recently I find his behaviour abit changing: 1) First he stop giving his mom and dad a hoot. He can play with us and suddenly...
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    2 mths old baby start to poop longer day is it normal

    Your Baby showing any signs of discomfort? If you are breat-feeding or mixed-feeding should be ok. As long as within 5 days. My boy same, we when to see PD and she say some baby got slower bowel moments. As long as the stool is still soft creamy type and not hard and dry and baby not showing...
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    Baby tends to turn right side

    Same for my boy. We are now encouraging him to turn left more often. We let him sleep tummy time facing the left too.. Hope things get better when he begins to sit up right..
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    Should I send my kid to My First Skool?

    At least recent issues shows that there is accountability in My First Skool, as the CCTV acts as a neutral witness to the activities in the centre. I cannot imagine if it happens on other centres without a CCTV, with no evidence to even prove the child is injure in the centre it'll be a...
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    how long can prepared fomula milk last

    My rule of thumb: - Formula: after 1 hour discard. - Expressed breastmilk: after 2 hours discard. Breastmilk can last longer cos it contains antibodies to fight the invading bacterias. Formula do not have enough antibodies to fight off bacterias so it goes bad very fast, especially in warmers...
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    Using the motor of the Yaolan, ok for newborn?

    Hi Moms and Dads, Our 8 week old boy has been colicky and cranky recently and we bought a Yao Lan to sooth him for his afternoon nap. While most of my relative say it's ok to use the motor, I'm abit skeptical. We tried at the lowest setting but I felt it's still quite fast. Is it recommended...
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    between my daughter & him

    As a guy in a guy's perspective, after reading your story I can only think of two things. 1) You are hopelessly in love with an asshole who never really love you and only look at you as a sex tool for the past 5 year. 2) You are just a troll with a fake story to spice up the forum. you...
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    If born with weight 2.5kg, @37 weeks - need to stay in ICU?

    we practice mixed EBM and formula... actually 2.5kg is not that small to be considered like a premmie...
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    Cycling itself is ok per se, but it's the effects of cycling that can pose a problem. What if you fall? what if there's accident? what are the chances of falling and accident compared to... walking or taking the cab? It's all common sense.. Would you really want to risk it?
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    6weeks old baby cries every night

    LOL 5ml really IS 1 Teaspoon. It's standard size unless your's is a mini teaspoon
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    Giving Water to a Baby??

    The only reason I gave him water is to clean his tongue. A few sucks from the teat is good enough then I pull out. I do this once every 3-4 days I reckon less than 5ml is ok for the purpose of cleaning rather than hydration...
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    First Few Days - To mix with formula or not to mix?

    Breast milk usually only comes in after the first week, before that it's all colostrum and even so the volume can be too little even after a few days when the newborn's reserves are depleted. Personally I feel that BF or breast milk is not a "must" and should not be treated as a "must" for...
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    how long it takes to recover for natural birth ?

    What kind of pain? From the stitching or cramp-like pain. You might wanna call your Gynae for a check? Cramp-like pain could be uterus reduction due to breast feeding. If it's stitching pain, may need to check if there's infection.
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    Walking 5km during 2nd trimester

    You are pregnant. You can participate this event anything after the birth of your child. Why take such risk? At the meantime, pls refrain from such activities and prevent your week 15/16 tummy from exposure to such physical stress and such crowd.
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    Infant milk advise - Proof that the Daddies sometimes knows best!

    Need advise on infant milk? As we all know Mummysg can be slow at times when in comes to giving advises. I've also come across ladies complaining that the guys are usually bochup or blur on baby things. Well check this link about advise on infant milk, it's proof that sometimes the Dads do...