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    Autism Insurance

    There is an insurance specially for autism from NTUC Income. Can take a look... Hope it can provide your kids with some coverage.
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    Baby Cannot Poop

    prune juice ?? my ger din poo for 2 days .. gave her prune juice mixed with water and she poo few hours later..
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    how long can prepared fomula milk last

    i check with PD before. Doc say as long as the milk powder in the tin is well kept. (dry and not lumpy). it can be kept longer than the suggested timeframe printed on the tin. :)
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    Jocelyn Wong - ACJ Clinic

    Yes for Dr Khi when i delivered in 2012. Package start from 20 weeks onwards.. if i din remember wrong..
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    Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Si Shen Powder

    My colleague who start feeding at 4 month intro it.. Well... it is easier to feed my ger si shen than cereal.. somehow she prefer si shen.
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    Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Si Shen Powder

    i started feeding at 7 months.. was feeding nestle rice cereal previously.. My colleague started at 4 months (but she make it more watery). She is ok.. no constipation... i feed water after each meal..
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    Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Si Shen Powder

    will it improve digestion and appetite? I have been feeding my ger for 3 months dailys for lunch... seems ok...
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    Employing maid

    can share the cost of getting a maid??
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    My silent reflux baby, symptom, treatment and solution

    i bf my ger til abt 8 months... then started her on full FM.. at about 10 months.. suddenly she refuse milk as well.. used to drink 210 ml... then suddenly refuse after 100 ml.. brought her to see PD... PD say she might be weaning off... alternatively can try goat milk cos she might be lactose...
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    Baby porridge

    yup.. if new food ... u should introduce one at a time... for a period of 4 days... If no allergy.. i see no harm in mixing various food.. i do tat all the time..
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    Enfalac AR

    hmm ... less bubbles.. i use MAM bottle.. i realise it is veri good is removing bubbles when feeding milk. depends on how much milk your baby is drinking.. at that point in time.. my ger was drinking 120.. so i mix 2 AR and 2 normal.. when she can drink 150.. i put 2 AR and 3 normal. Depend...
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    Enfalac AR

    AR is more thick... When my girl was drinking AR, i will mix with the normal enfalac so it wont be too thick..
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    Yoghurt and Cheese

    Dear mummies.. can feed baby below 12 months yoghurt and cheese? If yes?? what brand and where to buy??
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    Pediasure milk powder.

    is pediasure only recommended for baby who require weight gain? my ger has been refusing milk.. if pediasure is sweet... mayb she will drink.. she is on the 50%.. dun need her to gain too much weight .. :P
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    EDD July 2012

    another alternative is mayb u can find a daytime nanny for ur baby... get one around ur working place or home so it is easier for u to send/drop off..
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    belly button and stretch marks

    my bellybutton still remain "pop out" after i give birth... any way to make it normal again??
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    making milk for baby...

    nope... i do not agree... we should always follow the instruction.. too much milk powder with too little water might make it too thick and may also cause consipation.. anyway.. baby below 6 months are not suppose to drink water.. :)
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    How to feed solids

    my ger enjoy eating bread... one mouth after another... she will scream if we do not give her... is it because she want to eat something with more texture? Can we feed wholemeal bread or white bread to baby?
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    Organic Millet Porridge

    nope. never give yogurt before...
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    How to feed solids

    we start without TV or anything.. she will enjoy the food for a while.. about 10 spoons.. then she get bored and want to move around.. sigh ...