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    6 mths baby with behavior changes

    My 6 months old boy used to be a smileybaby and smiles at everyone who he meets.He is basically a cutie pie and it was great fun communicating/playing with him. But Recently I find his behaviour abit changing: 1) First he stop giving his mom and dad a hoot. He can play with us and suddenly...
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    Using the motor of the Yaolan, ok for newborn?

    Hi Moms and Dads, Our 8 week old boy has been colicky and cranky recently and we bought a Yao Lan to sooth him for his afternoon nap. While most of my relative say it's ok to use the motor, I'm abit skeptical. We tried at the lowest setting but I felt it's still quite fast. Is it recommended...
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    Infant milk advise - Proof that the Daddies sometimes knows best!

    Need advise on infant milk? As we all know Mummysg can be slow at times when in comes to giving advises. I've also come across ladies complaining that the guys are usually bochup or blur on baby things. Well check this link about advise on infant milk, it's proof that sometimes the Dads do...
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    Maternal Sanitary Pads. Is it nessesary?

    Hi Mums and Mums-to-be, Abit Paisei:shyxxx: to ask but: Is it really nessesary to buy maternal Sanitary Pads? The reason I ask cos my wife and I have been shopping for maternal pads but very hard to find. And so far only got 1 brand and it's without wings. Can just wear normal non-slim pads...
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    Amniocentesis - Our experience

    Hi all, This is going to be a long read but I'm sure it will benefit those who really wan to know more.... While most of us had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to healthy babies, there is small a fraction of us that go through that period of uncertainty where the Gynae suspects that...
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    Down with Flu....scared pass it to pregnant wife..

    Hi folks, Currently down with block nose and sore throat...feeling feverish too. But that's the least of my worries as I'm more worry I'll pass it to my wife. Have been attending to her needs for weeks but now I dont't even dare to go near her fearing transmission...and she's the clingy...