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  1. mag_huiling

    Beware of some guys in the forum...

    Pm me as well too, thanks!
  2. mag_huiling

    Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

    You have to file the correct templates, words, formats, etc. Save money, but alot of work. Have to keep going down to Crimson Logic Service Bureau to file, collect documents once approved, and keep repeating for about 3 - 4 times. And if you are asking for advise from the court personnels...
  3. mag_huiling

    Chances for BTO

    I dont think it's those chances thing ba. Im applying myself with my child (im separated), not staying near parents, by right should be behind those fiance & fiancee, or married couples. but my queue no. was 52/252. And to be according by chances, I should also have 4 chances like your friend...
  4. mag_huiling

    Mr Decor (Beng Hwa) at IMM Level 3 - a blacklisted company in online forums.

    Guess we're luckier. Went there with my boss and his wife last friday. My boss saw a bed which he likes. Asked for price. They quoted $1699 for a single bed with pull out bed and free 2 single mattresses. I also saw one platform bed which attracts me. Saw on the bed frame itself. "Queen Size...
  5. mag_huiling

    How much to prepare for renovation and buying of furniture /appliances for 3 rm flat?

    Re: How much to prepare for renovation and buying of furniture /appliances for 3 rm f If you're on tight budget, you can actually engage a contractor and ask for a quote. Or engage contractor for their labor, you get the materials yourself. I think can be less than 10k (if you source the...
  6. mag_huiling

    Anyone use induction hob (cooker) ?

    I researched online before. And saw that it's quite safe when you have kids at home (and when they're at the "dangerous age") induction hob « Kitchen Design It uses the electromagnetic field to transfer heat from the hob to the pot. Hence only pots certain types of pots/ pans are able to be...
  7. mag_huiling

    Help!!!! My son is still not talking.....

    I got referral letter from polyclinics to a child specialist at kkh and then referral to speech therapy from the child specialist too. got referral, so it's under subsidized rate, per visit is about $20+. My girl is progressing well now, especially with help from her childcare teachers, and also...
  8. mag_huiling

    Fun with Dinosaurs @ Science Centre

    Pm-ed! So see you guys at 10am!
  9. mag_huiling

    Fun with Dinosaurs @ Science Centre

    So now we have Little_rabbit & 4yo son, Kelly80 & 3yo son & 4yo son, Mag_huiling & 2yo daughter Total 7 pax now! Any more? Can we set a date and time? and also place to meet?
  10. mag_huiling

    does jobless means can't pay for maintenance?

    For me, he hasn't been paying right from the start, file alot of complains against him, but still no payment, so i just give up and lead a life of my own. And since I have decided to make a clean cut with him, and can support this child solely, why still have this "line" with him. Just because...
  11. mag_huiling

    Any single parents outing?

    there's actually an outing on 18th dec to Dinosaur Live Exhibition in another thread.
  12. mag_huiling

    Fun with Dinosaurs @ Science Centre

    okay, so far how many people is going?
  13. mag_huiling

    does jobless means can't pay for maintenance?

    As for maintenance part, YEs, he still have to pay even thou he is not working. You can choose to either file a complain saying he is not paying maintenance. But yet he also can file for a variation order to change the amount of maintenance he have to pay. You wouldn't be able to send him to...
  14. mag_huiling

    Any single parents outing?

    i'm interested!
  15. mag_huiling

    Fun with Dinosaurs @ Science Centre

    Thanks for the info!! Erm... My girl is below 3, so it's FOC! yay! LOL! When you guys planning to go?
  16. mag_huiling

    Fun with Dinosaurs @ Science Centre

    I've been wanting to bring my girl there! How much is the tix?
  17. mag_huiling

    Does the chinese five element affected a couple relationship

    All these 5 elements, ba zi, fengshui is to tackle one's mentality. If a person believes it will happen, they will definitely link every small little thing to it. This kind of thing is best not to get too over into it. The roots of your problem is not the 5 elements, it's bullshit! It's that...
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    Single Dad With 1 Kid

    Yup. Quite a few dates. But I'll be going on 26th. You can go cathay webby and check out.
  19. mag_huiling

    Single Dad With 1 Kid

    Anyone wanna go for the Barney movie? Im planning to go with my lil girl and a friend with 2 kiddos on 26 Nov, 12PM at AMK Hub. We can have a chit chat session after the movie too!
  20. mag_huiling

    Batam... Need advice on shopping and things to do

    Golden prawn they have 933 and 555... go for the 933. like that one better...