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  1. Elicia

    Chances for BTO

    Dun worry, if I'm not wrong, now second timers chances getting a BTO r better. Especially with children. :)
  2. Elicia

    Chances for BTO

    I am second timer too but lucky to get a BTO 4 room at punggol waterway. Actually it all depends on luck for second timers. My Q number has exceeded but bcos I think many ppl are giving up so we managed to get one but 4th storey.
  3. Elicia

    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    hi mummies, i have been thinking of doing IVF too for my 3rd bb. as i had done a ligation and will be remarry and try another bb with my hubby. Duno what will my chances be..
  4. Elicia

    Second letter received to select a flat, i need advise on this. thanks!

    Hi mummies, actually my Q number has exceeded the available of the BTO flats in punggol. Had received the first letter about the exceeded of our Q number few months back, but received a second letter last month about inviting us to select a flat. I understand it is because there were some...
  5. Elicia

    Single mum that plan to remarry

    after reading all of your posts, i see your situations is alot better than mine. we have the same worries as a single mum when we have a daughter. worried that their parents cannot accept us etc. my bf is 6 years younger than me, his dad wants him to go out and 'look around' than choosing me...
  6. Elicia

    Market rate for Babysitter

    what is the market rate for taking care only at night stayed over? for 2to 3 days per week?
  7. Elicia

    Some advise needed

    Your ex hubby is a real sucks! Hope u r ok now. ^^ Gambade!
  8. Elicia

    Should Single Mums Get Baby Bonus?

    I feel its dilemma about this, i ever thought of it too. maybe the government dun give to single mums as in having a baby w/o married, is bcos they dun encourage ppl to be unwed mum.
  9. Elicia

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    Hi, i just officially divorce but seperated from my exhubby about 1 year ago. Cannot denied that being a single mum mentally and physically is stressful, physically stress is bcos we have to work and take care of the kids ourselves after we have knock off from work and mentally stress will...
  10. Elicia

    Anyone keen to work from home?

    hi am interested pls email me at tks^^
  11. Elicia

    Any sahm trading forex?

    hihi 1568mummy, im interested in trading gold would like to get some knowledge in it. care to share? can add me in msn? tks ^^
  12. Elicia

    Benefits for SAF men buying a flat?

    thats y.. i was thinking just now maybe i should change to buy a flat from the open market. my fiance can get another half housing grant somemore.
  13. Elicia

    Benefits for SAF men buying a flat?

    Hi, I am a divorcee and have 2 kids. I had applied a 4rooms balance flat @ SK in Sept with my fiance, he is a signed on SAF man so I wondered if there will be any further discount/benefits if we got the balance flat or buying a resale flat? Or any better chances in balloting? Ohh.. forget to...
  14. Elicia

    Chances for BTO

    HI, i oso apply for SK 4rms balance flat a second timer though with my fiance as im divorce. He is a signed on SAF man wondering if the chance would be higher? or still depending on luck? Anyway the results will be out early Nov n not end of Nov ^^ GOOD LUCK!!
  15. Elicia

    Careful when you bring your kids out!

    yah tmr a reporter will come and interview me about this, better rite? whole singapore parents will get to know it.
  16. Elicia

    Careful when you bring your kids out!

    When things dun happen to you, you won't feel anything. My son happen to get lost of him when we go shopping but found him in the end, so human are like that, when you are always lucky you won't go and take seriously on what if it turn out to be worst - KIDNAPPED. Today, my dad and i brought my...
  17. Elicia

    FTWM - What are you working as?

    I'm a P.A in HSR property co.
  18. Elicia

    Any mummies planning to work?

    i wondering y some mummies can only bring their kids back only on weekends, sure miss too much rite, but u all wont feel miserable meh? like days very hard to pass like that... anyway someone offer me a job recently, if confirm i will bring my kids to the cc near my working place at toa payoh...
  19. Elicia

    Any mummies planning to work?

    hi zhuzhu, wa.. only bring her back on weekends.. i cannot.. i will miss them til death hahahaha...really... i rather bring them back everyday anyway my parents oso dun wanna look after for me lah... hehe...
  20. Elicia

    Any mummies planning to work?

    if financial allows den ok lor.. they have been under my care since birth, very she bu de ... :(