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    when do u start using bust firming products?

    I wanna know also when can I start using bust firming products.Can anyone share on this topic?
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    My mother-in-law, Mdm L rom hell

    hi everyone, I read all your post about how you deal w/ your mother in law and its crazy to have that situation.
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    scary MIL? idk

    stay away from her.
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    try to talk w/ your husband of what you feel.
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    Tips for you..

    thanks for the tips.
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    stay with in-laws or not?

    I prefer you to stay by your self because its a big adjustment for you if you could stay in your inlaw.
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    Opinions on diapers

    I've used pampers so far and this is the best brand of diapers for me because in terms of good absorption and good leakage control it is also affordable.
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    How far along could i be??

    You are right.Its better go up to the clinic for a check because the safety of the baby is on you..
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    pacifier - need or want?

    In my opinion,its depend to the child if he is comfortable using pacifier.
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    Any pregnant mummies who are bored at home?

    try to watch tv,and play games on facebook...
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    Pros and Cons of Travelling For a long period of time

    Sometimes having your own place can be a burden when you are planning to travel for a long period of time. Say a few months. I have a house in UTAH and I am planning to stay in Singapore for quiet sometime. Im worried about my personal belongings that I need to leave at home. I cant carry them...
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    Designer fragrance sale: up to 80% off

    Nice! I love sale!
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    Do you want to make your skin looks 15 years younger?

    Thank you for sharing! Who doesn't want to have younger looking skin. I love to! I love to, and with this I just eat nutritious foods, have regular facials and use beauty products.
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    Which nursing bra is good?

    When I was still using nursing bra, I asked my friend from Philippines to buy one for me. Its from Avon company and I bought it for $10 I think. Its comfortable and used it until I weaned my baby.
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    How do you manage to keep your hair dandruff free?

    As a child I have seen my cousin with dandruff in her hair that usually peek out of her pony tailed hair. Now that we are already adult, she still has it. I want to help her. Do you know any remedy for dandruff? Dandruff shampoo solve her problem for a day or two, and dandruff will come back...
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    skincare products

    Personally, I go for 4 beauty product types that helps you achieve glowing skin. Regardless of the brand, I take it as my routine guide. I always try to go for all natural type of products.
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    Oily Skin

    Me too, I have oily skin and when I put regular face powder, I get some flaky areas esp on the side of the nose. So I just use some oil control powder.
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    Mental Mathematics Made Easy!!

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I've been always fascinated by people who can do math computation without using pen and paper.
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    "Feed Your Child Right": The Role of Fatty Acids for Healthy Minds

    With my kids, I see to it that they are eating healthy foods to help them stay healthy. I purchase the 4 cookbooks that will make you healthier to help me prepare them different variety of healthy and delicious foods.