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    Hi, Do you have any spoiled solutions in your home that you should use? Some great furniture, suitable materials will help me any information! Plus, I have a question whether the dakota panels work well in the climate of Singapore?
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    Work from Home

    i had the same story i moved to SG, because of my husband work, I take care of home I choose furniture and dakota panets i redecorating bedrooms and, that kind of stuff, but after i finished all of this i was bored of SG. i didn't know anone here, so I start online job :)
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    Enjoy more money savings for online shopping

    Actually, that's true i just found dakota panels in the internet and i make a order in Eco design Wood online shop. I will be having such a great home untill i finish decorations. I'm sooooo excited !
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    show me your home

    Hi, I just got a new house in SG, i'm looking for inspiration how to deal with interior design and fashion. I would like to compere dakota panels made by ecodesignwood and some minimal furniture and a lot of plants. How Your home looke like? Can you give me some advice? Blogs with interior...
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    i'm a mummy from SG, i like interior design and fashion :) My work is connected with his. For now, he's decorating the house, mainly the living room, I think about dakota panels and many plants. What do you like the most? I had the same problem as you with time, but i realized that i do not need...