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    26 mths old son still not talking properly

    I do understand your worry but every child are different and it might take your little angel to develop her speech. As parents, we should always be there to help them but not pamper them to much to avoid them taking things for granted.
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    Any good/bad feedback on shichida method to share?

    Oh I will follow this thread. I am very much interested in this topic.
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    Using touchscreen devices for your children

    I think at a young age touchphones are a big no no to them especially it can affect their eyesight and the radiation from it. Nothing beats a good quality time.
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    Face-to-face class or Virtual class for toddlers?

    I think it is safer to have classes online especially the new variant for covid is highly contagious and our kids don't really have protection against it. We should choose an online class that not only cares to educate but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our children. :)
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    how to stimulate your child's brain?

    Are flashcards really helpful to kids? Does it help enhance the memory of a child in the long run?
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    how to stimulate your child's brain?

    There are a lot of online classes that are interactive. My daughter is enjoying her online classes which help enhance her memory. I even learn from her classes.
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    Anything under the sun - CHAT

    I am very much concern about my child. We usually play games for me to know what kind of games she is having problems to do. My child is not very good in memory games but on other games like puzzle and stuffs she is able to do it. Maybe I need to find a school that helps with that. I mean she is...
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    Coding school for kids

    Wow that is so neat. My husband does coding for a living and he needs to remember a lot because of it. We attended a web seminar that not only applies to me and my husband but also to our child as well. Until now I still use what I learned from him.
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    Child is slow

    I think with a lot of patience and the right teacher, she would definitely improve. There are a lot of interactive and educational class that doesn't use the usual technique in teaching. Having fun while learning should be the new norm right now. Finding the right online class is the challenge.