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    6 years old daughter vomit

    Hi my daughter has been vomiting non stop. Not sure where to bring my daughter at this hour. Any advices?
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    Need some advice from you all..

    Do you have children? If no, just divorce
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    problems with step kid

    Better for you to not let your hubby take the custody of his kid because doesn't it means you have to face her everyday? I dunno about you but I sure cant face her everyday without being irritated.
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    divorce or stay on

    Hi dream rat, if I'm you, I will also not giver mil to bring my child to china without me around. It's too risky. I understand that you don't have supportive husband and you want to save your marriage. I think it's just so insensitive of them to do this to you knowing that you are pregnant now n...
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    Would you invest in a property over other investments?

    Yes I wil but why must we give up overseas property in order to buy a flat in Singapore
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    Resale flat

    Hi mummies, im thinking of how much cash should I prefer if I wanna buy a four room resale flat. Anyone can advise?
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    between my daughter & him

    Good that he is finally filling for divorce, at least he is doing something n not dragging his shoes slowly, hope things go smoothly for u now...
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    pissing off with the in laws

    I totally understand how u feel becus I am also the kind who not used to the greeting part. Like I don't even have to greet my parents at home. Very free n easy one but my hubby parents prefer greeting so I just greet lor. Old people usually care this kind of greeting part a lot. So what to do...
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    between my daughter & him

    Aiya if she dun wan to leave then u all also cannot do anything to her right
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    between my daughter & him

    Since he say he haven't find the right time to talk to his wife, so when is the right time? Any idea why he still not divorcing his wife?
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    between my daughter & him

    Hi friendly pinky, why not you ask him when he is going to divorce his wife? I'm really worried he is not serious about you cus it's so long already. I know you have feelings for him thus not easy for you to leave him but I'm worried he is just taking his own sweet time. You need to think for...
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    between my daughter & him

    Ya it means third party in his marriage. Anyway u have been with him for five years, why he still not divorcing his wife? Did you ask him why? I mean five years is a long time. If he really love you, he will divorce his wife n be with you. It's like he is having the best of both worlds now. I...