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  1. Lyayozoce

    $48 For 1 Hour Trial. Full Body massage with oil is done at the comfort of your home.

    It’s been a long time since this thread was updated, so I’d like to know if that offer is still relevant. If it’s not, I’d appreciate other recommendations for a good massage salon. You know, I’m even ready for a sensual massage. My back hurts so bad that I’m open to any suggestions. Actually, I...
  2. Lyayozoce

    Breast Enhancement Treatment

    Hey, Fiona. Is this information still relevant? I'd be grateful for any info on that because I'm eager to make this procedure. I've already found the clinic I like the most. Here it is What do you think about this clinic...
  3. Lyayozoce

    Wine Fridge for proofing

    I also am interested in the answers to your questions. Reading on this forum and elsewhere, it seems that the home pizza maker is confronted with a dilemma: On the one hand, cold fermentation develops different and desirable flavors vs RT fermentation. On the other hand, home fridge...
  4. Lyayozoce

    Want to invest in property but money not enough?!

    Investing with credit money is a dangerous idea. Still, if you are confident that the investment will bring you even more money, you need to take the risk. The most important thing is to think through all the details and calculate the risks to secure your money. Finding a good company that will...
  5. Lyayozoce

    I invite you to cooperate with web designers, application developers, printing, printing and other

    There is a shortage of qualified people in the labor market, so it will be difficult for you to find people with these skills. When I opened a print shop, I spent a lot of time hiring employees because I was looking for people who could handle their duties. I promised them a high salary as well...
  6. Lyayozoce

    Super high SES handbag......

    I like such unusual shapes of bags. What do you think of the Dior Saddle Bag?
  7. Lyayozoce

    Recommendations for Malaysian cosmetics?

    I think that you should use perfume daily as you use decorative cosmetics. Each person chooses the perfume that embodies their personality and emphasizes individuality. I love to buy a new perfume every season that matches my mood and state of mind. I believe that a person should smell nice...
  8. Lyayozoce

    Trash Can??

    Everyone needs a trash container because humanity produces a huge amount of garbage daily. Moreover, more and more companies are engaged in recycling; I think it is right because we must take care of the environment. I rent dumpsters here at; I chose this company on...
  9. Lyayozoce

    Taking care of our skin and health as we age gracefully...

    Women's beauty is a gift from God. But to stay beautiful, women must take certain steps. Every woman needs basic skin care for her face and body. Basic care includes deep cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. Unfortunately, many external factors affect the condition of our skin. It is not...
  10. Lyayozoce

    Web design

    I needed a good template for my future site, and thanks to you, I finally found it. However, I have one more option - it's an interesting wordpress theme woocommerce, and, frankly speaking, it isn't easy to choose one from these. It's a really difficult choice. I have seen some sites made with...
  11. Lyayozoce

    Car brokers- Specialists in car buying

    Hello there, YoruVoly. I’m really grateful for your recommendation. I’m currently looking for an opportunity to ship a car from another country. So I’ll consider contacting the service you’ve shared with us. Actually, I also have a friend working at a jdmbuysell car service. I hope he can help...
  12. Lyayozoce

    Garage Question

    Tbh if I were you, I’d install a cantilever carport like this one It depends on where you live, but a carport has always been a good option. Anyway, the final decision is still up to you. Btw, what have you eventually decided to do with your...
  13. Lyayozoce

    Orchard Sophia - Freehold Living at Singapore 9

    How relevant are hospitals for old people and nursing homes in California?
  14. Lyayozoce

    Turkish Airlines

    Thank you for sharing this news with us. By the way, how often do you fly in our difficult wartime?
  15. Lyayozoce

    Mortgage rates 1%

    For those who are not strong in this subject, first, you need to understand what a mortgage rate is and why it is needed. The mortgage rate assumes that the borrower will pay a strictly defined percentage to the financial institution throughout the loan. A floating interest rate is a percentage...
  16. Lyayozoce

    CL's successful diet after 3 years

    I doubt they'll see the chip inside of you now to do the photo shoots
  17. Lyayozoce

    Best pregnancy insurance plan for IVF

    Together with my husband, I have already issued life insurance for myself for a long time. We pay about several thousand dollars annually. We pay a little because we lead a healthy lifestyle and are only 30 years old. The older you are, the more you have to pay, and in general, I advise you to...
  18. Lyayozoce

    Gifts for husband

    A bracelet would be a great gift. But if speaking about me, I wouldn't be happy if I received a bracelet on my birthday. In my opinion, it would be better for you to find out what his hobby is and buy something related to it. For example, I am a Viking fan, and I would be happy to receive on my...
  19. Lyayozoce

    Why are NTU students so outraged at their university?

    I've heard it's the best university in the UK regarding student life and international study. Based on student feedback on the sense of community they feel, the variety and degree of socializing, sporting, and extra-curricular activities available at NTU. If you’re still thinking: “why should I...
  20. Lyayozoce

    Creative ways to earn Extra money!

    It depends on what the concept of creative earnings is for you. You can start investing in stocks, bonds, currency trading, or making money by opening an animation company. With any income option, you must understand that the most important thing is not how much you earn but how you can manage...