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    18 Moths Dotter, threw up on serveral occasions after her 4th DPT Booster..

    Hi mummies, Would like to check with mummies here with regards to the title heading.. A few days after her 4th DPT booster, my dotter threw up on several occassions after feeding. This morning, she vomitted again thou not a lot.. just like a few mouthful of milk, been almost 2-3weeks after the...
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    For Sale: GNC Fenugreek Exp 2014 @ $15/btl

    Breast feeding mummies, GNC Fenugreek, expiry year 2014. $15 for 1 bottle OR $65 for 5 bottles Self collection @ westmall(bt batok) or Lot 1(choa chu kang) interested mummies, please email: Merry X'mas!!!
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    GNC Fenugreek Exp 2014 @ $15/btl

    Breast feeding mummies, I am letting go of the Fenugreek that I bought from GNC, expiry yr is 2014. Price: $15 for 1 bottle OR $65 for 5 bottles Self collection venue: Westmall(bt batok) or Lot1(choa chu kang) interested mummies, please email me: Merry X'mas to all!!
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    Article: A Child's Letter to Her Parents During Divorce

    Kids are always the victim when it comes to matters pertaining to divorces. It is indeed heart wrenching to read a letter like the above, be it fiction or otherwise. And I suppose that the kids, as stated in the letter, would think that it was their fault causing her parents to not stay...
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    Where to get domperidone?

    Hmmm i gt it last time when I was in JB, at tesco.. 10 tablets RM$6
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    Where to get domperidone?

    Side effects? Hmmm dun seem to hv any :)
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    Where to get domperidone?

    Erm.. I dont think you need a prescription fr your GP.. I get my domperidone from Gurdian Pharmacy.. From the pharmacist directly. No prescription needed. You might need to show your IC for recording purpose thou :) For those that travel into JB often, you might want to consider buying...
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    Why do we need to eat UTROGESTAN 100MG ?

    It hesto stablize e pregnancy in e early stages... But the downside is tt, it might worsen e morning sickness..
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    The do-nots in first trimester

    Oh yes, i ate abt almost everything too (cold drinks la, spicy food la, even "cooling" fruits like watermelon).. The ONLY food i did not eat was pineapple, coz my gynae himself told me nt to eat... Lol. As for my daily cup of tea, I still hv them everyday. Juz tt i cut dwn to max 2 cup a day...
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    a five mth old bb

    MY DD can only stay awake for 1+ at most 2hrs in the day, before she show signs of tiredness and need to nap. Her naps are abt 30mins to 1hr long. After routine wipedown at 8+pm, she will zzz till 2am for feed, den its another few hrs of zzz till 7+ am in the morning.. DD feeds on 1 rice...
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    Desperate Need Help... 3 Month Old Baby drinking lesser and lesser

    Dun think her behaviour is related to the injection, IMO. My DD also around the 3rd/4th Month period, had a rather steep drop in the amount of EBM consumed.. we checked with our pd, she said that from 1st mth to 3rd mth, baby needs to at least double her birth weight, which explains why she is...
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    how to bring/store EBM when u are out with baby

    Hihi, I bring out my EBM in medela chill bag(the black 1) with four servings of EBM, trusty tin of hot water to warm up the EBM when needed :001_302: Using this arrangement, i can bring DD out for most part of the day le..and of coz must bring my ADRO breastpump.. HTHs, jo
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    Anyone to advise how to increase breastmilk???

    Verarone, My DD is nw near 5mths. She is on EBM for every feed, 180ml each time, 3 -4 times a day. Only at night 2am, i feed her FM. I am pumping total abt 800-850ml each day, each pump abt 200-250ml from both sides. Pump every 4hrs, day or night. So i still have exess of abt 80ml or so to...
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    Anyone to advise how to increase breastmilk???

    Verarone, I have been on Fenugreek since the 1st week my DD was born in Sept 2011. Taking daily 3capsules thrice a day. My DD has no issues with colic at all, I am fully expressing out, using a dual pump, pumping every 4hrs day n night. So she is drinking through Avent bottles. Fenugreek does...
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    Anyone to advise how to increase breastmilk???

    Hi, Breastmilk production is a demand n supply cycle. The more you pump, e more milk there will be. Positive mindset is also very important. Do not think negative tots. My breastfeeding journey started in Sep 2011, when my DD was borned. She doesnt like to "work" hard for her milk suckling...
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    Anyone to advise how to increase breastmilk???

    From what i read, domperidone increases the amt of prolactin in yr body, this prolactin is responsible for the milk production...
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    Anyone to advise how to increase breastmilk???

    Yes, i agree that at 3/4 mth mark, its normal for BM supply to drop a lil.. But for my case, e drop is really v drastic.. I was pumping abt 480ml each day, but when e dip in supply kicked in, I was barely pumping 30ml from both sides add together =.="
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    Anyone to advise how to increase breastmilk???

    Hi, How old is ur baby? I also experienced a drop in supply when my baby is 4months old, me too was taking Fenugreek 3 x 3 a day. I am exclusively pumping for her as my baby did not learn to latch correctly and was too lazy to work hard suckling. I decided to try another supplement, it is...
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    Slient breast pump

    Lol.. I really 佩服 gers who can either hand express or use hand pumps.. 手很酸的...
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    Slient breast pump

    ya, I also find that the Medela Mini is very very noisy.. you might want to consider getting "Calypso Breastpump" by ARDO. It has a upgrade set available to allow dual side pumping. When outdoors, it can run on 6 X AA batteries also. I also feel that I had better control over the vacuum...