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  1. susern

    Kids Clothes

    Up for sale
  2. susern

    Kids Clothes

    Hello Kitty size 95 jacket thick material for cold weather @ $15 neg. Condition quite new cos my girl don't like it at the most wear twice.
  3. susern

    Kids Clothes

    Girl Dresses mostly for 1-2 year old at $5 each. Condition mostly wear 1 to 2 times. Boys skinny jeans from Cotton On size 3 and 5 at $15 each. Condition almost like new at the most wear twice. Apple Uniform 2 set at $15 neg.
  4. susern

    Earn Cash by doing surveys online!!!

    i also interested... PLs send to me at Thanks in advance
  5. susern

    born in 2006

    add mine too at Nice to meet u all!!
  6. susern

    Yishun Playdates

    My girl now is 18mth old.. Nice to meet u all!
  7. susern

    Hi Sorry for late reply... Condition slightly yellowish due to usage.

    Hi Sorry for late reply... Condition slightly yellowish due to usage.
  8. susern

    Does Gain IQ relieve constipation?

    My kids taking Gain IQ didn't have any problem. Try give ur child dirnk more water and fruits.
  9. susern

    Toddler died at childcare

    Sad to hear that..
  10. susern

    Any Effective Recipe For Cough/Phlegm

    Usually i go get zi ke tang from Fu Hua. They got on shelf ingredient then u have to boil yourself or ready boiled.
  11. susern

    Which brand of pull up pants is better?

    Get size L better.
  12. susern

    Baby in YaoLan

    My 2nd boy also need to sleep in yaolan at ur bb's age. No matter what time of the day. My hubby and i got very frustrated, once the yaolan stopped swinging. he will immediately awake. I used a method, i cupped my hands and pat his buttocks and rock my hands until he is very sound asleep. He...
  13. susern

    My Bundle of Joy, Shaylan Vel..

    Congrats!!! Rest Well!! Mt A is the best!!
  14. susern

    Baby cries when in car

    Perhaps she dun like to stay in aircon, as my babies all dun like it at the age of ur girl. Try to wind down the window and on the aircon. Hope it help!
  15. susern

    Pacifier Problem...

    i used bean sprout pillow to prevent her pacifier to drop. Now she is 8 mths old she can suck very well.
  16. susern

    Arrival of My Little Precious Darling, Alena

  17. susern

    do u let ur child take thgs when shopping?

    ya i also did the same way to my kids.
  18. susern

    maternity clothes for LARGE mothers

    i bought mine at spring maternity and i have the member card. Have a big plastic bag of maternity clothes to let go.
  19. susern

    swollen feet during pregnancy

    Not to worry its quite common to have swollen feet during last trimester. Raise her feet up slightly with a pillow underneath when lying down. It will lessen any discomfort.
  20. susern


    I din use epi for my 3 pregnancy oni use laughing gas..