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    18 mths old girl with sensitive nose

    How much are you selling and how your air purifier look like? Can email me at
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    good dental for kid

    Hi all, Any good dental to recommend for 4 years old kid? I want to bring my boy to his first dental appointment so that he won't be scare next time. Either in the west or central is preferred. Thanks
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    WTB - bumbo seat with tray

    Can show me the photo?
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    should i continue to breastfeed?

    I have been expressing milk for my baby since birth. She's going to 5 months soon and she's my third baby.. Maybe the gap between the second and third baby is too close, my body is weak after giving birth.. I have been sick for many times at least once per month. Should I stop bf after 6 months?
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    To Give Or Not To Give

    I think not advisable to give. If you cannot reject her in face, ask your husband to talk to her..
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    quality of the milk

    Thanks ast0212
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    Feeding Amount

    My 3 months baby also only taking 90ml every 3 hours... As long as she's happy and clearing her bowels and had wet diapers.. Think should be fine.. Some babies had small appetite.. :)
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    quality of the milk

    Hi mummies, Right now I'm giving my baby ebm and I can pump about 1.3litres every day. My baby only drink abt 500ml every day, the rest I will put in freezer... I'm taking vitamins, fish oil and calcium every day. Will all the nutrients went to the milk for baby? If I pump so much excess, will...
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    Qns for Mummies using Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

    I'm using free style. Can the tube be sterilize? It's quite dirty inside but I also dunno how to clean...
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    WTS: fenugreek

    Anyone interested?
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    Music classes

    Any good music school in the west?
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    WTS: stage 1 similac 900g (blue)

    Item sold.
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    WTS: stage 1 similac 900g (blue)

    Hi, I brought a tin of 900g simIlac stage 1 suitable for 0-6mths from cold storage but never open coz I got enough bm. Expiry date:25 jun 14. Mfg date: 05 jul 12. Selling for $40. Anyone interested?
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    2.5 months baby drinking habit

    Hi all, My baby girl has been drinking 70-90 ml of every 3 hours since birth.. Total ebm per day is 400-500ml. She's quite small size belonging to the 10% percentage. Is it too little?? Should force her to drink more?
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    Breastfeeding while working

    Hi Gwynne, When you start pumping from 3 hour to 5 hour interval, did u see that the milk colour changes?? For me, there's a few times which I cannot pump on time and I drag till 7 hours. My milk have different colour in the first and second bottles. First bottle lighter in colour. I understand...
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    Rebond / colour hair while breast feeding

    I also going to rebond and colour this wednesday. Still thinking whether to pump and throw away the first milk after the rebond and colour. Scare affect the baby.. Milk that are produces 6 hours later should be fine right??
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    WTS: Preloved OSIM umist baby humidifier

    Hi, How long have u been using?? Under warranty?
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    EDD Nov 2012 mummies here

    Hi barneybaby, I took fenugreek for my first baby and my side effect is I got slight diarrhea.. But good for me coz last time I have got constipation problem but the diarrhea only lasted for a while. Think my body is adjusting to the fenugreek.. I took 4 Gnc pills initially.. Then as my supply...
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    WTS: fenugreek

    Hi, I have got 2 types of fenugreek. Bought it few months ago as I thought I won't have enough supply of breast milk but I got oversupply now. So dont need now. 1) capsule type: 2 bottles of GNC 610mg fenugreek. Bought for $29.50 but selling at $20 now. Expiry date July 2015...