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    Sheep placenta

    Hi Yng, I would like to invite you to my personal facebook to read up more on my co Royale Placenta Sheep Placenta, ingredients and testimonials etc. Let me know if you are keen as the facebook Group is created for interested parties only as I do not want to spam invite=) Alternatively, I...
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    Royale Placenta Sheep Placenta Plus

    Hi Mummies! I 'm sure all mummies want to attain good health and radiant skin. You should continue to read on what I have to share with you in my Facebook Group -Capsule of Youth! I would like to cordially invite everyone here to take a good read at how this product can benefit your...
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    SECRETS : Who don't mind to look YOUNGER and More Energetic oh?

    Hello MikoLuv, What have you tried so far? and what have u not tried too?
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    HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth

    woofy, what u have in mind?
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    Young single mummies please fall in!

    Hi all young Single mummies, i m currently setting up a Facebook group where everyone in here gets a fair chance of exposing a oral beauty opportunity towards the beauty salon and hair salon in sg and overseas. Let me know if you are really serious in working business with me towards this...
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    Trying to conceive

    Hi all mummies wanabe , have you all heard of the natural ingredients in sheep placenta? As it contains bioactive nutrients i have heard of cases where it can help in promoting virility (for male) and fertility (for female) as well as regulating the menstrual cycle, reduce constipation etc...
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    anyone in here tried adel leh ?

    awesome!!! may i have ur email add on fb so that i can add you ? Thanks Berry , ur sincere action will be rewarded.
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    anyone in here tried adel leh ?

    wow! thanks for sharing ley... if i were to invite you to my fb group to share on this, will you be willing?
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    anyone in here tried adel leh ?

    berry, how abt urself? what kind of personal changes u encounter ley after taking ADEL?
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    anyone in here tried adel leh ?

    oh!! thats quite a gd result !!!
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    anyone in here tried adel leh ?

    wow.!!!!! thats lovely!!! how long was the consumpton?
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    iPhone-Free For parents who use alot on mobile phones to call local and in overseas

    Hi Parents and Readers, You may want to explore on this initiative to lower down your phone bills. follow this link : Signup Simply this app is to allow anyone with iphone to make phone calls much CHEAPER than any 3 Telco in SG. Enjoy the crystal clear quality for both parties. By...
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    slimming doctor in dover crescent

    Hi llcyahoo, may i know how many kilos of excessive weight would u like to shed and shape up and within what period of duration would you give yourself to achieve the desirable healthier shapely figure? Our weight loss program includes acupuncture, a widely accepted form of TCM treatment...
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    Let's add together in Facebook or MSN mummies!!

    hello all, male welcome ma? me also into mummysg fb group hehe.
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    Desperate Help needed - Bad Skin Problem on Baby's Face - Any Skin Specialist?

    Hi Happy mother Stephaniesimgl, i m glad that propolis help in conditioning your son's issue. i just joined this forum lately and i was thinking that many of the mummies here knows about propolis benefits and colostrum. Many mistaken colostrum = milk , hehe.
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    HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth

    arh..sounds good...i make sunkist Grape vit C drink lately to chill..hehe..... yea, freaky hot humid SG....
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    HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth

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    HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth

    hi lovelymother, thanks for sharing...hee.hee. fruitylite is good for digestion ? oh.. do you have constipation ? daily go twice? hehe... if yes, then u may wana improve on your peristalsis (colon tract action) to become slightly more active ^.^ then body toxins can be expel easier thru...
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    anyone in here tried adel leh ?

    hello all mummies , good morn. anyone taking adel sheep placenta for a period of 3months ?:001_302: mind sharing your experiences here. what did u notice the changes in you? thanks thanks:tlaugh:
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    SECRETS : Who don't mind to look YOUNGER and More Energetic oh?

    Hi Banner82, thanks for reply here. your baby so cute!!!