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  1. ethans mummy

    Our Little ones' birthday!!

    ethan's mummy ~ 18 dec 2005 (ethan tung) :001_302:
  2. ethans mummy

    Where to buy angry bird bday cake??? Pls help...

    Hi mummies, My bb's bday is round the corner in less than 1 wk's time! And i still havnt order his bd cake yet!:shyxxx: He insist of an Angry bird cake! As i know besides Polar cakeshop is selling where else??? Any kind mummies got an idea & pls drop me a line asap! :embarrassed: Thks...
  3. ethans mummy

    How to DEAL with my lil Monster??? HELP PLS!!!

    Oh thks for ur suggestions! i know i saw that frog bag before kinda awful thou.... ETHAN ~ stands for Monster??!!
  4. ethans mummy

    Any nail spa in Bedok to recommend? Gd deal & service?

    Dear mummies, Any mummies stayin Bedok lk me? Im finding a Nail salon which offers gd rates & service.. Anyone can recommend me? Iv been to BLK 85 Feng Shan market - Blink Blink Nails Their service are overall good & still charging offer rates wz 2 nail arts dat time! However their tel...
  5. ethans mummy

    RE: How much is the sch fees now for P1? Can textbooks be reused for next yr?

    Oh ya i cant wait for that day to arrive! Im going for sch orientation in Nov & i guess dats when i will get his textbooks list & etc? Overall im happy & excited for my son! LOL
  6. ethans mummy

    RE: How much is the sch fees now for P1? Can textbooks be reused for next yr?

    Thks so much mummy xiaodaisy!!! Btw does all their P1 textbooks standardised? Or diff areas of school diff syllabus? U tink i can asked some kind parents for their this yr textbooks? Thks again!
  7. ethans mummy

    RE: How much is the sch fees now for P1? Can textbooks be reused for next yr?

    Hi mummies, My son is attending P1 next year 2012. Im currently qt nervous! I was wondering how much does P1 fees costing now? As during my old days really cost peanuts i guess. :001_302: I know that their Textbooks going cost qt alot nowadays. And how much will it be? If including sch...
  8. ethans mummy

    How to DEAL with my lil Monster??? HELP PLS!!!

    This story happened few days ago at Bedok Centre> A Lil rascal went out wz grandpa but he went his own ways w.o waiting!! Aft 45mins he was found inside a toy shop happily playing a toy telephone!Yes he went missing for 45mins! Both in laws, my sil & myself were all searching for him high &...
  9. ethans mummy

    work at home earn cash easily

    Hi mum, Can share wz me? THKS
  10. ethans mummy

    Work from Home

    Hi mum, PM me too! Thks
  11. ethans mummy

    Homebased work opportunity.

    Hi mum, Pls PM me too.. thks!
  12. ethans mummy

    birthday party goodies

    u can get dos ready goodie bags fm SKP shop.... Juz put all the stuffs in it...dats wad iv done for ds bday for sch.... gummies/milk waffle/jelly/chocolate/1 mickey mouse pencil :tlaugh::tlaugh:
  13. ethans mummy

    Old Memories

    None of all above....:embarrassed: we walked pass ROM (near the slope) & he suddenly asked ' wan go take a date?! ' :wecry: so sad wen nw came to tink of it!
  14. ethans mummy

    Steralize bottle/food utensil

    yalor i knw.... so nw iv stopped liao.... cuz dat time ds admitted kk mah...kana stomach i slept in ward wz him (insufficient slp)...dan 'stoned' lor... dat day was aft discharged dan rch hm lor...(my dh said since so tired dun boil la! alamak!):embarrassed: la sap jiak la sap tua...
  15. ethans mummy

    Remembering Why YOu are Married

    Thnx for sharing! v meaningful.... Bt sm xs i stil wonder y i married him lor...if iv got a betr choice, tink wudnt be him nw le! :err: Haiz......
  16. ethans mummy

    Steralize bottle/food utensil

    wow i even more kiasu lor! im stil doin it nw & my ds 3yrs liao....:001_302: tink i shd stop liao...cuz dat day burnt 2 milk bottles in kitchen & nearly burnt my kitchen up! (wen i fall asleep wen boiling them! hehe)
  17. ethans mummy

    Which one do you specialized,Chinese soup or Foreign soup?

    Chinese soups dh & ds loved it.... western soups oni wen eat out bah...dun cook at hme lor except sometimes my fav camphell mushroom soup....:tlaugh:
  18. ethans mummy

    Sil and her hubby...

    Yalor same here.... Why must suffer in silence when u guys are not in any wrongs?!