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    Where to get domperidone?

    No need prescription. Can get from any pharmacy, just need to show NRIC. Even polyclinic pharmacy also can walk in to buy.
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    Has anyone tried the info in this book to get pregnant?

    My 2nd son already 7 weeks old now :) If you are keen to get a copy of the book, email me (click on my nick, then click on email).
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    Perm PT (morning) Student Care Teacher Required (Can bring your child (>5yo) along)

    Anyone keen in working in student care centre? Working hours is 7am - 12pm, weekdays only, closed on PH. Can bring your child to work (5yo onwards). Start: 21 Nov 2011 Main duties: Help students (lower primary) with school homework and coach them with extra assessments/worksheets...
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    In this case she needs a lot of motivation & praises. Also, it might be that she's afraid of mispronouncing the words. You might want to try if she does the same if someone else teaches her.
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    My 4yo can read sight words. I used flashcards with him and use relevant storybooks to reinforce. The key is consistent & continuous practice. Parents need to sit down with the child 10 - 15 minutes a day to read aloud together.
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    Looking for tutors for O level private candidate.

    You might want to try MW Tuition. 9003 8129. They have a FT English tutor who specialises in helping foreign students. Reasonable rates.
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    Looking for tuition coordinator - I need your help to find tutors

    Any mummies here is a home-based tuition coordinator? I need help finding tutors, so we can work together :) PM me your contact (hp & email). Thanks!
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    Studentcare & Tuition Centre @ AMK

    STUDENTCARE SERVICES We have full time experienced teachers to coach students in their schoolwork. There is also dedicated guided study time (similar to tuition) and recreational activities for students. TUITION CLASSES Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Our tutors are experienced and...
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    Home based typing job (urgent)

    TYPING JOB: I need help to type out some articles fm mags & newspapers (I will provide). Each article is around 1 A4 paper size (takes ard 10-15 min). Pay is $2/article. Need it to be completed by next Sat 23/7/11. Total around 30 articles. Please email me ( with...
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    Chances for BTO

    If I recall correctly, single mum, even if above 35yo & hv good income, cannot buy BTO. Unless you have adult chldren who can buy the flat jointly with you then can apply BTO. For single mum above 35yo, you can only buy resale.
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    Chances for BTO

    Reality is.... Some ppl chose not to select flat after getting queue no for a variety of reasons: Can't wait, already bought resale, break up, can't get the unit they want, etc etc. My queue no was 78. We thought since 77 couples in front of us should get a good chance of selecting their 1st...
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    need advice!! babysitter

    I personally think you are underpaying. Though it seems easy like your girl is not with her during weekday 2-7pm, it doesn't mean the job at night is easy too. If your girl still wake up at night for night feeds, then the job is more demanding. If your nanny hasn't asked for an increase, I...
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    How much is your baby expenses monthly?

    Gem, your IFC very cheap. Can share which one is it?
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    Maid Ran Away

    Go down personally. The ppl there are nice. I did not want to see that maid, so we spoke to the person in charge in her office. My maid accused us of abusing her! We brought along evidence of her stealing money from us (CCTV footage) & photos of our stuff we found in her cupboard when we...
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    Any class which I can attend together with my 18mth?

    You can try ZooPhonics :) They will learn about alphabets, phonics sounds & thematic vocab every week. Parents have to sit in. Quite affordable :D
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    How much is your baby expenses monthly?

    For my 4yo boy (insurance, classes, maid, etc etc): $3k Now with #2 coming along, will expect it to increase to $3.5k before #2 attends preschool & most likely $5k once #2 attends preschool.
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    Hubby giving too much to his mum

    You need to drill this message into your hubby's head: YOU CHOSE TO START THIS FAMILY WITH ME, PLEASE PUT IN MORE EFFORT & RESOURCES. You've already given enough to your parents & you are just spoiling them to the extend that they don't know how to rely on themselves anymore. Can you provide...
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    Maid Ran Away

    Philippines Embassy is easy to talk to from my experience.
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    JB Or Batam With 1yr old SOn

    Making passport is hasslefree. My son went on his first overseas trip at 11mths old to Msia.
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    JB Or Batam With 1yr old SOn

    I brought my boy to Batam to play. Safe & he has loads of fun :D Thinking of bringing him again soon :D