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  1. apollo

    Dr LN Sim

    Hi, dr sim is my gynae. She is not those talkative type, only fill u with the info u really need. And wont say worrying things to mtbs. She is a very assurring gynae. Her consultation is btwn 80 to 100++. First time will be slightly more ex, total bill of 1st appt may turn out to be 200+...
  2. apollo

    Slow rising hcg level

    KatTea, dont worry. nth was detected when i went to the gynae at 4week plus. We were worried too. But his heartbeat was detect 2 weeks plus later. My son is now k1. :) some babies tend to slow later. :)
  3. apollo

    Where should I do my confinement?

    Your parents' place of cos. Not only natural birth, even c-sect also not suitable to squat after birth.. Can you hub and elder daughter move back to ur parents' place with you? If there is a room all for yourself and your hub dont mind, can actually move over together for the time being. This...
  4. apollo


    It is not advisable to feed babies water. My son was on partial bf and was mainly on FM but we didnt give a single sip of water until he was 5.5mth old when he started semi solid. Pd told us even fully on FM also dont feed extra water cos FM is 95% water alrdy. Imagine babies have very small...
  5. apollo

    Persistent coughing in 3years old gal

    baby_sadako, how is your girl alrdy?? I hope she is better now. =) I totally feel you and understand the heartache and how tedious you were. Her condition sounds very similar with my son's. The only difference was, my son's PD got him admitted when his fever didnt subside in a week. His fever...
  6. apollo


    Fever: 37.5 (armpit thermometer) 37.8 (ear thermometer) babies usually have higher temperature so it is quite common for them to have temp of 36.9 to 37.3..
  7. apollo

    baby's doctor

    Yes Pediatrician is what we usually call 'baby doctor'. Yes all babies will be seen and checked by a pd after your delivery. You will have to bring the baby back to the pd for a checkup when baby is ard 1 week old, the pd 's clinic assistant will arrange and inform you the appt date/time...
  8. apollo

    Persistent coughing in 3years old gal

    Persistant coughing with 40degree high fever yet they are unable to identify what's wrong?? Has her fever subside? I think better bring her to a PD. My son recently keep having persistent cough too. during feb, his cough and flu somehow lead to high fever of 39.7 and we brought him to Mt A 24hr...
  9. apollo

    what to drink as replacement for water during confinement?

    I rmb is cook tgt with water.. using red dates, dried longan.. but as for how much red dates and dried longan to use, i not very sure.. maybe u can 'agaration'? cos i dont think my CL 'measure' how much was used. I drank once or twice during preg but didnt dare to drink alot, cos very heaty...
  10. apollo

    what to drink as replacement for water during confinement?

    Some said have to drink longan red dates tea thru out the confinement. my CL and mum had the same mindset too but I cannot take in too much longan red dates tea cos too heaty for me so after few days of confinement, i resumed back to plain water.. I drank warm or room temp plain water. and also...
  11. apollo

    [[ When did ur lil one started talking??? ]]

    16mths is still young.. I rmb my son first call his daddy when he was 18mth old (cos was CNY eve so i rmb clearly). and nearly 2yo when he first called me Mummy. I was also worried as he didnt know how to form short sentences when he was alrdy 30mths old. But things just suddenly got better few...
  12. apollo

    Does the doc prescribe antibiotics to your kid?

    Yes, my son's pd prescribes antibiotic to him WHEN NECESSARY. He only will prescribe to him when he is down with throat infection with fever, and fail to recover after taking days of med. Other than that, he will only give normal med only. And yes, once you start the antibiotic, have to COMPLETE...
  13. apollo

    About schools

    hmm.. Most of my friends will send their kids to PG at 18mths onwards (also can send at 20 mths, not necessary on the dot). I personally send my son to sch when he was 2.5yo, straight to prenursery. Also seen some who send their kids to sch at 4yo (nursery). Up to your personally preference. But...
  14. apollo

    Will u allow MIL to cane your kids?

    My MIL wont. Cos she seldom see her grandson. haha. But I am living with my parents and yes, if my son gets too mischievious, my mum will cane him or beat his palm if I am not ard. Me too, will discipline him. Of cos we dont always use cane, mostly will beat his palm. Our method mostly is...
  15. apollo

    About schools

    Playgroup is for toddlers from 18mths old onwards, usaully 2 hrs. PreNursery = 3 yo (3-4 hrs) Nursery = 4yo (3-4hrs) Kindergarten = 5 to 6yo (3-4hrs) Childcare depends whetehr you want half or full day. From 18 mth to 6yo. Childcare usually is for children whose parents have to work and no one...
  16. apollo

    high fever @ 40'c and above.

    Have u brought her to the hospital alrdy? pls do so if u have not. few mths ago my son has uo and down fever for a week, hit up to 39.7 and pd admitted him to hospital and blood test showed that he was down with 2 viruses..
  17. apollo

    High chair or Bumbo sit?

    I have a pass down bumbo seat. But my son's thighs were too big for the bumbo. End up also gave away to my fren. Same as marshmallows, we also got him an Ikea highchair. really is cheap and good. He is still using it now (3yo alrdy). =)
  18. apollo

    baby facial pimples

    use COOL boiled water.. those we use for drinking..
  19. apollo


    kiddy palace. also saw from mothercare but dunno if they still have it anot. =)
  20. apollo

    Strict feeding

    If your baby wakes up early but didnt cry and able to self entertain, then yes, you can delay the feed. but since he is crying badly, means he is hungry. just imagine if you are very hungry and no one allows you to eat, how would you feel? being able to sleep thru until 4.30am/5.30am, is...