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    Any Sg mummies in Manila?

    Hi, i am a singaporean chinese working in manila for 2 yrs already.. Now having the 2nd child..
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    Any good dermatologist to recommend?? Need help!

    Hi mummies, any gd derma to recommend? i am suffering from outbreaks due to hormone change i think. So many whitehead like pimples and my skin so dry.. Currently in my 18th mths.. pls advise..feeling so depress
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    Any Gd Dermatologist to recommend?

    help help.. i need good dermatologist.. Preggy in 18weeks.. Face so dry and and many whiteheads and pimples-like thingy.. gosh.. feeling so depress..
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    Skin/complexion turn bad during preggie??

    any1 got gd doc to recommend? i feeling so depressed..
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    Skin/complexion turn bad during preggie??

    LOL.. i also lo.. now 2nd pregnancy also like tt.. so depressed.. dun dare to go out.. tried going to determa.. doc say is useless .. haiz...hw to survive till birth lo.. depress depress depress
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    Toddler milk guide.. Help Help

    My gal is 15mths now.. drinking 120ml.. she will have her milk at 9am, 2pm, 9pm, 3am (recently) , 6am. Porridge will be at 11am and 6pm. Middle of the nite and morning, she drink only ard 60 to 80ml only. I wonder if she is not full enuf thats y she wake up in the middle of the nite.. ask mil...
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    Toddler milk guide.. Help Help

    How much shld a 15mth old baby drinking? How many ml?
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    Friso 3 v.s Gain IQ

    Hi Jelly, can i check how much is your baby drinking? n how old is she? Coz i think my mil is not givin my gal enuf.. but she insists is enuf..
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    When do u send yr child to preschool?

    Hi Ping, can u pm me? i m interested to join.. but i need to know the timing, location and charges. Having a big headache searching for this type of once weekly activities..:tlaugh:
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    Any playgrp for 14mths old baby?

    Any playgrp for 14mths baby arounf jurong area? Had been looking for those once a week type..:Dancing_wub:
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    How to tell my MIL to back off!

    I think e best solution is to ask your hubby tell ur mil off.. Ur hubby must stand firm de lo. U can tell ur hubby off in the face but not your mil.. if not situation will worsen de lol.. I am also facing mil problem.. everything i just target my hubby and i make sure he go tell his mil off...
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    Any1 heard of Roslin Orphange?

    Dear mummies, i wonder any1 heard of this orphange? Roslin Orphanage Blog ABOUT US
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    EDD in MAR 2010

    Y not do the confinement at your mom hse? she can help you take care baby also.. for the 1st mth, we are not allowed to go out.. not even downstair lo..
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    New here

    Congras to all mommies.. i also hope to have a 2nd little tiger this year.. still trying hard.. :P Enjoy your pregnancy!!
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    EDD May 2010 ~ Little Tiger

    I started taking milk powder at 3rd month.Actually quite alot of stuff to take as i m outstationed and my mom send many tonics to me. I mixed a tbsp of birdnest into milk also lo.. 1st tri, i lost 5kg also due to morning sickness.. eat wat vomit wat thus i take vitamins and milk to replenish...
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    Places In Singapore to buy maternity clothes

    Instocks available now.. limited pcs..
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    Plus-sized maternity wear(inner & outer).... need help!!

    Instocks available now..
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    EDD in MAR 2010

    Sg consider v gd ler. TT time i was in Philippines during my pregnancy.. they took 8 test tube blood lo.. duno test wat lol..
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    EDD in APR 2010

    Just eat moderately lo.. Dun scare of weight gain.. BF will lost a lot of weight after that..
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    Request for immediate help

    At least the mum agrees to let her give birth already.. During this period of time then slowly tok to the mother .. her mother is also a mum.. shld know we went thru the pregnancy, bonding with the bb all that.. Single mums nowadays very common ler. Doreen in future can also have a happy family...